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Waihi Beach, Tauranga Overview

Waihi Beach is a popular tourist attraction near Tauranga, New Zealand. The beach offers a 10 kilometre stretch of shoreline that can be explored by visitors. It is a pristine white sand beach that serves as a great location for water sports and leisure activities. Locals often visit for a picnic with friends and family. The tourist season draws more visitors to the beach.

Waihi Beach is located to the western part of the Bay of Plenty and to the northern tip of the country's coastline. It is situated at the base of the Coromandel Peninsula, about 10 kilometres away from Waihi Town. The beach is also recognised as a coastal town and has a population of 16000 people.

It is one of the cleanest beaches in the region. On a hot day, locals head to the shores for walks, a dip in the bay or just hang around with friends and family. Most prefer to explore this part of New Zealand in a day, but one can stay at one of the hotels nearby to make the most of their trip.

During other clear and pleasant days, the attraction is quiet and not very crowded. If one is looking for a tranquil place to spend some time in Waihi, this place is highly recommended.

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Things to Do at Waihi Beach

Swimming- People can head to the Waihi Beach for a nice long swim by the coastline in the Bay of Plenty. The entire 10-kilometre stretch can be used to swim when the tide is right. The shore has a gentle slope into the waters. So, swimmers can remain close to the shore and be safe.

Surfing- The attraction is also famous for beach surfing. One can carry their surfboards and have a great time surfing over the Bay of Plenty.

Fishing- Fishing is another favourite activity here. There are several fishing spots on the coastline where enthusiasts can head for some quiet fishing time.

Staying updated with the weather forecast is much recommended before hitting the shores.  

Best Time to Visit Waihi Beach

  • The best time to visit Waihi Beach is during the summer season which begins in December and lasts till February. The temperature is warm, between 26ᵒC and 22ᵒC. The days are pleasant with clear skies and a slight breeze. The shore has gentle waves perfect for swimming fishing and surfing.

  • For the rest of the year, the region witnesses comparatively lower temperatures that make entering the waters difficult.

  • But if one would like to just go fishing on the Waihi coastline, they can visit the attraction during spring (September to November) and autumn (March to May) too. During these months, the maximum temperature hovers around 22ᵒC and the minimum around 13ᵒC.

  • Packing appropriate clothing is recommended.

How To Reach Waihi Beach

  • Waihi Beach is located about 55 kilometres away from Tauranga City. The best way to reach the beach for tourists coming from afar is to take a bus or a flight till Tauranga and then use the roadways to reach the attraction.
  • Buses ply to Tauranga regularly from the neighbouring cities in New Zealand. People can also choose to take a bus till Waihi Town or self-drive directly till the beach.
  • From Tauranga, the Line 85 Bus is most recommended. Travellers can choose to hire a taxi for more convenience. The route to Waihi Beach from Tauranga City goes via SH 2 - Athenree Road - Seaforth Road. 

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