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Timings : 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Entry Fee : Helicopter Tour (per head) - NZD 850. Boat Rides (per head) - Adults - NZD 230 and Children (below 15 years) - NZD 150

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White Island Tours, Tauranga Overview

White Island Tours is a fun-filled and thrilling tour of the White Island Volcano. Also known as Whakaari, White Island is the most active Volcano in New Zealand. This attraction is located about 90 kilometres away from the Tauranga Coast of New Zealand, which makes the Volcano an accessible location. It is, in fact, the world's most accessible Volcano. Usually, this Volcano witnesses low-intensity seismic vibrations (1 or 2 on a scale of 5). Travellers exploring New Zealand can go on the White Island Tours and spend an exhilarating day venturing through the craters and learning the geology of the attraction when the seismic waves are well below the dangerous level.

White Island Tours cover almost the entire area of the volcano (about 2 kilometres wide). The volcano runs metres deep into the water. White Island is the 320-metre-high tip that comes out of the water and forms a small circular island. The local name of the island, "Whakaari" means a dramatic volcano in the Maori language. It was renamed as White Island in 1769, after Captain James Cook, a European voyager always noticed that clouds covered it, making steam from the active volcano. Going on a White Island Tour does not have an age requirement as such, but participants need to be able to walk through the rough terrain without any support

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Best Time to Visit

The best time to go on White Island Tours is during the spring-summer season which begins in September and goes on till February. September to November is springtime in the region when the temperature hovers between 22ᵒC and 14ᵒC. December to February is summertime when the region witnesses temperatures between 26ᵒC and 21ᵒC.
Seasonal Favourability
The warm months are great to explore the interior of the crater and to sail safely through the Bay of Plenty. Plus, the skies are clear, so even taking a helicopter ride to the volcano is safe and enjoyable.

Things to Do at the White Island Tours

Dolphin Spotting
White Island Tours take travellers through the Bay of Plenty by boat or over it by helicopters from Tauranga. If one chooses to sail, they could spot some dolphins in the bay.
Volcanic Exploration
Once people reach the island, they climb the volcano on foot to reach the top of the crater. They are then free to explore the inner cavity. As the exploration continues, one can see the discoloured terrain due to the presence of sulphur. There are bubbling mud pits, volcanic streams, steam vents, and an acid lake, lava bombs and sulphur crystals at the remains of a sulphur mine. People need to be careful while exploring inside the crater, but with the help of a guide/ instructor, the activity is sure to be an educational and an enjoyable one.


  • These areas are risky to explore by oneself without any knowledge. So, following the guide's instructions are imperative for one's safety.
  • It is recommended to wear closed and good quality shoes, sunscreen etc.
  • There are no facilities on the island, so people need to pack only the essentials like water, light snacks (can skip this) and first aid.

How To Reach White Island Tours

The most recommended way to reach and explore White Island is through a tourism company. They arrange for a pickup from a specified point in Tauranga, and take travellers either on a boat or by helicopter, to the island and back.

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