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Kaharoa Conservation Area, Tauranga Overview

With an initiative to turn New Zealand into an eco-friendly habit for the exotic fauna and in a bid to boost ecotourism in the region, Kaharoa Conservation Area is much more than a tourist attraction. The visionary of the Conservation area as stated by them is to maintain and restore the diversity of New Zealand’s natural heritage, engage more people to participate in recreation, conservation and make them aware of the ecological dynamics and outreach the conservation process through more business partnerships.

The organisation has an exclusive Department of Conservation (DOC) solely dedicated to reach out to help and balance the ecological loopholes of New Zealands’ flora and  fauna. Located at the Bay of Plenty region, Kaharoa Conservation Area is famous for inhabiting the endangered kokako. There is the Onaia Stream, a remote, secluded spot conducive for picnics. There is a walking trail to take you to the spot called the Kaharoa Kokako Track.

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Things to Do

  • Walk through the Kaharoa Kokako Park going right inside the Conservation area, lap yourself in its dense fauna, the wild chirping of birds. It gets better on days when it rains, so you may carry an umbrella if your visit happens align during monsoon months. 
  • Picnic beside the Onaia Stream, a quaint, secluded and remote corner of the Conservation Area. You will reach the said place following the Kaharoa Kokako walking trail. The place has geocoaches as well to keep you hooked. 
  • Kaharoa and the adjacent Onaia Ecological Area are renowned for inhabiting the endangered kokako bird of New Zealand. They are often perched on top of the high canopy trees  so you have to be really alert and always be on a lookout for their chirping. 
  • There are commercial guiding teams at the Conservation Area to take you through the ecological park, let you in about the interesting facts of the habitat, the exotic fauna and dense flora of the place. 

Nature and Conservation

The most iconic birdlife that Kaharoa Conservation Area as an ecological park is proud to conserve despite the species being dangerously endangered is Kokako. The endangering took a sharp turn during the European colonisation and today less than 1400 of those birds remain in North Island. Kokako is a beautiful song bird that uses a variety of sounds to bring melody like clicks, buzzes and mews. 

In the past few years, Kaharoa Conservation Area along with the help of DOC and Environment Bay of Plenty and some enthusiastic volunteers have taken advanced initiatives to save and conserve the species on an extensive basis.

The other species of birds found in the area are tui, bellbirds, robins, whiteheads, morepork owls, native pigeons and some North Island brown kiwi. The fauna comprises of native trees like rimu, totara, kohekohe, tawa, puriri, rewarewa. Mahoe, kamahi, nikau and mamaku.

How To Reach Kaharoa Conservation Area

  • You may avail a cab from Rotorua to take you there.
  • If you want to self drive, take the Tauranga Direct Road and finally Kapukapu Road.
  • No vehicles, dogs, horses, bikes or bicycles are allowed inside the premises without acknowledging the authorities prior.
  • There is parking space available at a farther distance from the ecological park or the central area of the conservation area. 

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