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Kaiate Falls, Tauranga Overview

Kaiate Falls is a popular attraction located about 17 kilometres away in a forest reserve on the outskirts of Tauranga. Also known as Te Rerekawau Falls, it is often visited by those who want a quick weekend getaway. Kaiate Falls, thus, is a popular picnic spot for the locals living in nearby cities. Here, one can explore the scenic surroundings and walk through the dense forest to reach a ravine from where the Waterfall cascades down nine different levels.

From Tauranga City, it takes about 30 minutes to reach Kaiate Falls. The forest is a protected natural reserve that people can explore and spend some time. Getting close to nature becomes all the more comfortable and more convenient here because the tracks that lead to the Waterfall are adequately developed. The climb is a little steep at places, so a little bit of experience hiking hills or mountains will help. But, there is no need to be a pro at it. Just wearing some good shoes and hiking along with a group should make the activity easy and fun. One can climb each level of the Waterfall and watch the splendid view. Carrying a camera is recommended to capture some great moments at the attraction.

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Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Kaiate Falls in Tauranga is during spring or summer season. September to November is spring season while December to February is summertime in Tauranga.
The springtime temperature averages out around 19ᵒC while the average summertime temperature hovers around 24ᵒC. These are the driest months of the year, so outdoor activities are best done during this time.
It gets windy from October to December and also rains occasionally. So, visitors wanting to visit the attraction during these months must carry a jacket with them.

Things to Do at Kaiate Falls

Parking Facilities
At the base of the Kaiate Falls, there is a parking lot where visitors can park their vehicles. There is an open spot near the parking lot where people can head for a picnic.
Tracks and Trails
Several tracks are leading to the top of the Waterfall. The main track it's the shortest. Almost all the routes are well-marked and well-developed with steel railings and steps, but the natural surroundings are kept intact. So, one needs to be careful while climbing as some sections are steep. Some areas also become slippery if it rains.
Nine Levels of Water
Nonetheless, people can explore all the nine levels of the Waterfall. The bottom-most level is the waterhole, which is not considered safe to enter due to a high level of bacteria. It is better to hang around, spend some time in the fresh air watching the falls and then head back.

How To Reach Kaiate Falls

Via Road
To reach Kaiate Falls, travellers need to take road transportation till the base of Kaiate Falls from Tauranga. The route goes via Elizabeth Street - Devonport Road - 11th Avenue - SH 2A (towards Mount Maunganui) - Bay Road - Waitao Road - Upper Papamoa Road/ Kaiate Falls Road.
Hiking Trails
From the base, they then need to take one of the hiking trails that leads to the top of the Waterfall. This climb is about 2 kilometres long.
Public Transport
To reach Tauranga, travellers can choose between the roadways or the airways. Intercity buses and domestic flights connect different cities in New Zealand. From the drop point, travellers can take public transport to reach the parking lot at the base of the Waterfall. Choose can be made between local buses and taxis.

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