Marakolliya Beach, Tangalle Overview

Marakolliya beach is one of the most peaceful beaches located in Sri Lanka. This beach is exceptionally silent and almost undiscovered. Despite this, it is a gem of a beach! Marakolliya beach is at a distance of 3 km from Tangalle, in Hambantota district of Southern Province, Sri Lanka.

Marakolliya beach has a spectacular landscape. It is the perfect blend of a vast stretch of soft off-white sand, sparkling turquoise water, tall, leafy palm trees, gorgeous tropical flowers and breathtakingly beautiful mangrove lagoons. The crashing of the waves on the shore adds the required background score to the setting. Unsurprisingly, this beach has been rated as one of the best beaches of Sri Lanka.

The beach is ideal for a stroll on the soft sand, and for spending time with oneself. At night, turtles enter the shore to lay eggs, which is a sight worth watching. Marakolliya offers limited options for food. There is only one restaurant on the beach. However, the backside of the beach has a few good restaurants.

At times, rainbows light up the beauty of the beach and make it a spectacular sight. The magic of Marakolliya always leaves its visitors spellbound and accomplished. All this makes Marakolliya beach an ideal destination for budget travelling.

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Marakolliya Beach

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Things to Do in Marakolliya Beach

Tourists enjoy solitary activities, like reading, listening to music or painting on this beach. They also like to walk on the soft sand and collect seashells. Some hotels organize lagoon tours and bird watching activities. Kayaking is another favourite activity performed on this beach.

Food in Marakolliya Beach

There are not too many options for food available on the beach. There is one restaurant which serves traditional food at minimal rates. However, the back side of the beach has a lot of food outlets for a binge.

Swimming in Marakolliya Beach

Due to rough waves and currents, swimming is strictly prohibited here. The locals do not even recommend shallow water swimming, because the water here can get dangerous. However, tourists enjoy having their feet crashed by the waves.

Landscape of Marakolliya Beach

Marakolliya beach is all things beautiful. It features soft off-white sand, turquoise waters, tall palm trees and marvellous mangrove lagoons. During specific seasons, tropical flowers and rainbows make a spectacular sight here. At night, turtles can be seen, laying eggs on the shore.

Trivia about Marakolliya Beach

A German woman, named Miriam owned the beach. Miriam has an exciting story about the beach. She had visited Marakolliya in 2004 and was present when the tsunami occurred. She faced severe injuries but had escaped death narrowly. Since then, the beach became her favourite, and she bought it. Miriam says that the beach is nothing less than heaven on earth - it is insanely beautiful and peaceful.

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