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Goyambokka beach is located in Matara, near Tangalle, in Hambantota district of Southern Province, Sri Lanka. It is a famous, touristy beach along the eastern-southern coastline of the island country and is one of the most easily accessible beaches of the country. With the vast stretch of golden sand, along the clear bluish-green water, the beach has a soft glow. The shoreline has dense cocoa and palm trees with sunbeds, lounge chairs and hammocks along the shore. With the perfect blend of nature and human-made rejuvenation options, Goyambokka is a treasure of the country.

The waves are usually gentle and make the water ideal for swimming and diving. However, at times the waves can go up to 8 feet high, which make surfing possible. The current is more or less average but becomes too high at times. It is advisable to check with the locals if it's the right time for a swim. When it is, Goyambokka makes a fantastic place to swim. The water is abundant in marine life. Colourful fish, crabs and lobsters find home here. Rare species of sea turtles like Green turtles, Loggerhead turtles, Leatherback turtles, Olive Ridley turtles and Hawksbill also make this beach their home. These turtles lay their eggs on the beach at night, which attracts tourists.

The beach has good options for food and alcohol. There are many restaurants and bars. An exclusive dining place is hot on the beach, which serves traditional dishes, which are mainly seafood and coconut based delicacies. With all its charm and splendour, Goyambokka makes the perfect getaway for beach lovers. It is safe for kids and ensures that they have fun. Unsurprisingly, a tourist's favourite, Goyambokka is a must visit.

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Things to Do at Goyambokka

Swimming and surfing and the most common activities undertaken at this beach. Tourists even enjoy napping on sun beds, swinging on hammocks, eating and drinking, and just chilling. Some tourists spend time with nature and observe its magic, or playing with the puppies around.

Food in Goyambokka

Goyambokka beach has plenty of options to eat. The beach houses restaurants and huts which serve traditional cuisines, which mostly comprise of seafood and coconut based dishes. Many bars are also present on the beach for a quick beer. These restaurants vary from cheap to luxurious.

Landscape of Goyambokka

Goyambokka beach is a splendid sight to behold. The turquoise waves brushing against the golden sand is appealing beyond words. The natural shade of cocoa and palm trees adds to the appeal. The beach has huts, hammocks and sun beds as well.

Flora and Fauna of Goyambokka

The beach has cocoa and palm trees, which provide natural shade. Colourful tropical flowers add to the natural beauty of the place. Aquatic creatures include crabs, lobsters, fish and sea turtles. One can also spot monkeys and puppies on the beach.

How To Reach Goyambokka

Goyambokka beach is at a 5 minutes distance from Matara and 10-15 minutes from Tangalle. It is in the Hambantota district of Southern Province, in Sri Lanka. It lies on the eastern, southern border of the island country. The beach is easily accessible by tuk-tuk or on foot.

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