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Suvali Beach, Surat Overview

Suvali Beach, a calm and serene beach, is situated at a distance of 20 km from Surat. Mostly visited by solitude seekers, the beach is slowly developing into a tourist spot. Located away from the heart of the city, the pristine beach offers a perfect getaway for the city people and other tourists away from the screeching noise and the fast-moving life of the city.

The beach is situated in a calm environment where one can quite distinctly identify the sound of the gentle waves wash up the shoreline. It is a black sand beach which goes on miles along. In addition to this, the texture of the sand is soft, and one can easily dig his/her feet and toes inside while standing or taking a stroll on the beach. Since there are not many people visiting the beach, you get to relax and experience solitude there. There are no vendors or restaurants situated near the beach thereby providing you with complete isolation.

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Hazira Lighthouse at Suvali Beach

Hazira lighthouse, which is said to be one of India's oldest lighthouses, is situated near the shore of Suvali beach. It was previously known as Taptee/Suvali lighthouse. Initially, it was constructed with masts and fire logs, so the tower which was built then got destroyed by a fire in 1836. Later, it has improved with proper lights, and it is upgraded timely from different parts of the world. The lighthouse stands with the pride of the state having the appropriate equipment and a metal halide lamp in it. 

Suvali Beach Festival

Suvali Beach has now become the venue of the beach festival and is being supported by the Surat district administration. The festival was launched by the president of the Surat District Panchayat, Mr Suresh Patel.  This festival goes on for a month with food, adventure along with water sports zones and craft stalls present. An activity area too has been set up for the kids separately.

Cultural programs along with other recreational activities are organized on a daily basis to keep the crowd entertained. The Suvali beach festival has also created a number of employment opportunities for the people living in Suvali and other villages nearby.

History of Suvali Beach

The place was called Swally by the Britishers in their anglicized language. Earlier it worked as a port and a harbour for the English ships so that they could enter and depart to other places from Surat. As the river Tapti was silted heavily and it was busy with the Portuguese ships, this port made the entry easy and would also allow embarking even the heavy tonnage ships. It is the place where the Indian Navy took birth.

Captain Thomas was the person who first encountered and defeated the Portuguese during the Battle of Swally which took place in the year 1612. Later, there was the end of the Portugal commercial trade in India, and the British ascent began. From that year itself, on 5th of September, they decided to protect the place from upcoming encounters with pirates and outsiders, and for that, they maintained a small fighting fleet to initiate the process.   

Best Time To Visit Suvali Beach

The ideal time to pay a visit to the Suvali Beach is from September to February as the weather gets extremely hot during the summers and becomes extremely uncomfortable for the tourists. Therefore, the winter season is the ideal time to enjoy at the beach.

Tips For Visiting Suvali Beach

1. Be careful while wandering beside the beach as the sand is slippery and it slips fast beneath your feet. It can cause injury.
2. Since there are no shops or restaurants near the beach, it is important for the tourists to carry water as well as snacks along with them while visiting the beach.  

How To Reach Suvali Beach

Suvali Beach is situated at a distance of 20 km from Surat and can be easily reached via cabs or personal vehicles since the public transport here is not very proper.

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