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Bardoli, Surat Overview

The city of Bardoli in Surat has a rich and dense history that is associated with it; and contrary to popular belief, the significance of the city is not just limited to its history. The city also owes much of its reputation to its scenic beauty and heritage as well. Bardoli is considered as a significant tourist destination in Surat, which is frequented by numerous visitors throughout the year, especially devotees of Mahatma Gandhi. What particularly intrigues and interests visitors is the historical context of the city. Modern times witness Bardoli as a beautiful beach destination which is quite popular in the tourist community for its beauty and culture. Ideal for a short picnic, this destination also has a wide variety of local street food to offer, which will make your visit here worthwhile for sure.

Bardoli is located at the extreme eastern end of Surat and is a famous city and also one of the vital satellite towns of the Surat Metropolitan Region. In the years 1921 and 1922, Gandhiji had launched a protest movement against various policies initiated by the British Government. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel then led a similar protest in Bardoli. This protest is widely known in the Indian freedom struggle history as the Bardoli Satyagraha.

Surat is undoubtedly a beach lover's paradise, and Bardoli is yet another feather in that cap. The scenic beauty of this destination is an illustration of the indigenous flora and fauna. The crystal blue water and grainy beach sand of this place make up for beautiful sights, and the sunrise and sunset here are magical.

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History of Bardoli

The year 1925 saw Bardoli suffering from floods and famine, as a result of which crop harvests plummeted, and farmers faced significant financial troubles. At the same time, the government of the Bombay Presidency decided to raise the tax rate by 30%. This resolution left the farmers in a fix.

Despite numerous petitions and requests from various civic groups, the government refused to cancel the tax rate rise. The farmers barely had enough money to eat, let alone to pay the taxes, and as a result of this situation, the Bardoli Movement was launched. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, also known as the Lion of Gujarat, led this movement. Even Gandhiji joined this significant protest later on.

This tremendous historical movement that originated in Bardoli, and later set the example for similar other campaigns to follow, is what lends the town a different class altogether and makes it a popular tourist destination.

Swaraj Ashram at Bardoli

In remembrance of this protest movement of farmers, an ashram by the name of the Swaraj Ashram has been builtin Bardoli. This ashram is extraordinarily famous, and tourists who come to Surat make it a point to visit the ashram to honour the bravery of the peasants and their leaders who selflessly fought against British dominance and superiority. In fact, this ashram is the topmost tourist spot in Bardoli. The ashram is built in the centre of the town and is surrounded by a calm and serene landscape. Thus, other than being a popular tourist spot, Bardoli is of extreme historical importance too.

Famous Tourist Spots in Bardoli

Other than preserving the memories of great and historical leaders, the city of Bardoli is also home to other significant monuments, all of which are remarkable in their own ways.

1. Bardoli houses numerous essential places of worship. These include Galteshwara, or the Temple of God Shiva; Vighneshwara, the Temple of God Shiva and Kedareshwa, which is the Temple of God Shiva. The Ramji Mandir, Jalaram Mandir, Panchmukhi Hanuman Mandir, and Swaminarayan Mandir, etc. are also important religious sites.

2. The largest sugar factory in Asia, known as the Shree Khedut Sahakari Khand Udyog Mandali Limited, was the first ever sugar factory that was started in the Gujarat cooperative sector. The plant crushes 11,000 tonnes of sugarcane every day. People from all around the world come to especially visit this place and witness the massive machines crushing sugarcanes.

3. The Minara Masjid in Bardoli is another famous tourist destination. Located in the central part of the city and symbolic of excellent craftsmanship, the Masjid is an important and sacred place for the Muslim community.

4. The Awadh Lake City is a beautiful establishment in the town of Bardoli. Primarily a residential township, the Lake City is complete with recreational facilities and attracts enormous numbers of tourists.

5. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Museum in Bardoli is a unique collection of historical artefacts and accessories that are associated with Sardar Patel. The museum is beautifully constructed in the heart of the city and serves as an essential and authentic tool that aims to preserve India's rich history forever.

Best Time To Visit Bardoli

The best time to visit Bardoli is in the winter months of September to October when travellers can also enjoy the colourful and vibrant festivals being celebrated here. The pleasant weather during these months makes the trip even more enjoyable. Since summers are sweltering, and the monsoons hot and humid; tourists find it difficult to stay here during these times.

Tips For Visiting Bardoli

1. A visit to Bardoli is best enjoyed in the winter season. Be sure that you carry light woollen clothes with yourself to stay warm and comfortable.
2. Private taxis are available for sightseeing and are the best option to explore this wonderful and marvellous town.

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