Beautiful Gardens in Surat to Relax Amidst Nature

List of Gardens in Surat

There are close to 45 gardens in Surat developed by the state government as part of the beautification scheme for the city. Besides adding aesthetics to any area, the gardens in Surat also help purif (Read More)y the air and enrich the environment. These parks and gardens in Surat are buzzing with activity all day long throughout the year. You will find people visiting them for morning-evening walks, or kids scuttering inside for games and fun activities. Facilitated with proper washrooms, benches, fountains, jogging tracks, walkways and play area for kids, these gorgeous gardens in Surat are loved and adored by all age groups. If you want to spend some quality leisure time alone or with loved ones, you can just pack a basket of food and flock to these gardens in Surat. In the summers, people rush here for cool breeze in the evenings, and in the winter season, for sun soaked day out. So have a look at our list of the best gardens in Surat and head out for a perfect day out.

Here is the list of 11 Beautiful Gardens in Surat to Relax Amidst Nature

1. Choppati, Jawahar lal Nehru Garden, Surat

Choppati, Jawahar lal Nehru Garden, Surat
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Choppati or Chowpati refers to the Jawaharlal Nehru Garden of the city of Surat. This garden, considered as the largest and the oldest of all the gardens in the city, also houses a musical fountain.

2. Vansda National park, Saputara

Vansda National park, Saputara
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Habitat of Tiger, Leopard, Python, Rusty cat, Giant squirrel, Four horned deer and many others. This Forest which belonged to Vansda is rich in greenery and covers twenty four kilometers square of area and has Vansda- Waghai state highway and Railway link connecting Ahwa and Bilmora running through it.

3. Sarthana Nature Park, Surat

Sarthana Nature Park, Surat

Sprawling over a vast 81 acres, the Sarthana Nature Park is home to some of the most exquisite creatures of the wild. The Tapi River graces the park with its presence and brings all the verdure come to life. The zoo here is home to big cats like lions and leopards and many adorable species of deer.

4. Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden, Surat

Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden, Surat

A visit to the charming Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden, which is home to numerous exotic species of flora, is a perfect escape into the laps of nature. With a small pond amidst the overwhelming verdure, the garden is the ideal picnic spot for families, especially because of the activities offered like toy train rides, hot air balloon rides, etc.

5. The Dutch Garden, Surat

The Dutch Garden, Surat
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The Dutch Garden or the Dutch cemetery is a popular attraction of Surat, which is located near Kataragam Gate, at a distance of about 4 km from the city.

6. Floral Park, Surat

Floral Park, Surat

Situated in Athwa in Surat, Floral Garden or Floral Park is a glossy green carpetted garden in the city. Blooming with vibrant flowers, benches, shady trees etc, the park is used to spend leisure time or for morning and evening walks.

7. Jyotindra Dave Garden, Surat

Jyotindra Dave Garden, Surat

Jyotindra Dave Garden is situated in Adajan in Surat. The garden has a jogging track to facilitate morning and evening walks. In addition to that it has umpteen shady trees, stone benches, play area for kids etc.

8. Vrindavan Baug, Surat

Vrindavan Baug, Surat

Opened in 1992, Vrindavan Baug is a vast expanse of land covered in glossy green grass and flowering shrubs. The park also facilitates boating, has a water gazebo, play pen, birds cage, walkways, jogging track etc.

9. Priya Darshani Indira Gandhi Udhyan, Surat

Priya Darshani Indira Gandhi Udhyan, Surat

Situated in Adarsh Society, Athwa in Surat, Priya Darshani Indira Gandhi Udhyan is one of the most vibrant and green gardens in the city. Loved by the adults and kids alike, the park has a jogging track, benches, play equipment, swings etc.

10. Shivaji Park, Surat

Shivaji Park, Surat

Shivaji Park is another one of the beautiful gardens located in Jamna Nagar in Surat. The park buzzes with activity all day long. In the mornings and evening you will find people going there for walks. There are also meditation and yoga practises, laughing clubs etc. practised in the park.

11. Gandhi Baug, Surat

Gandhi Baug, Surat

Gandhi Baug is another one of the amazing gardens in Chowk Bazar, Surat. The garden has a massive statue of Kavi Narmad. In addition to that it has a nursery, a play pen for kids, play equipment, sparkling fountains, walkways and the like.

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