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Well known for its historical significance, Dandi in Surat is a beautiful beach destination. The scenic beauty combined with its rich history make it a favourite among all tourists visiting this place. The serene and pristine beauty of Dandi is only second to its long and illustrious history. The sand in this beach is as far as the eyes can see and stands at a beautiful contrast against the sapphire sky. You can sit back and relax in the lap of nature, or explore the landscape and give your inner historian some food for thought. The Dandi beach is ideal for a quiet weekend getaway, and is a must-visit when in Surat!

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History of DandiĀ 

Dandi has a huge historical significance in the fight for freedom against the British Rule in India. The Dandi March or the Salt March was an act of Civil Disobedience in colonial India and was initiated by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. After the introduction of the salt tax by the British officials, all salt-producing activities by the locals were deemed illegal which was in gross violation of the rights of the people. When Mahatma Gandhi chose Dandi to be the location to protest against the imposed salt tax, the village was put on the map and gained historical importance in 1930.

The march began in Sabarmati, Ahmedabad on 12th March 1930 with Mahatma Gandhi and a group of 78 people. It went on for 24 days, until 6th April 1930. As the march progressed, the news of the protest spread all over the country and followers from different parts of India joined Mahatma Gandhi.

By the time they reached Dandi, there were thousands of followers protesting the forceful imposition of Tax on Salt. When the Satyagrahis reach Dandi, Mahatma Gandhi produced salt from the waters of the Arabian Sea and addressed the followers with announcements to attain Purna Swaraj (Complete Sovereignty and Self-Rule) through this act. The march aroused a countrywide Civil Disobedience Movement and became the building block of India’s freedom from British Rule.

Best Time To Visit Dandi Beach

The best time to visit Dandi Beach is between October and March as the weather is pleasant to explore the location.

Tips For Visiting Dandi Beach

1. Carry a change of clothes and other essentials if you are planning to enter the sea water.
2. There is Police Surveillance at the watchtower by the entrance of the Dandi Beach.
3. One can find local vendors selling snacks, tea and coffee by the beach.
4. There is provision for parking vehicles near the beach.
5. There are provisions for Public Toilets by the beach.
6. Seating arrangements have also been made for the ones who want to enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Arabian Sea without exploring the sand. Perfectly apt for elderly visitors who have a tough time walking in the sand.

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