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Sanggar Agung Temple
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Right side Chinese lion statue represent Yin force, female, negative, take, carry a cub. (Source)
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Left side Chinese lion statue represent Yang force, male, positive, bring, carry a ball. (Source)
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The ocean gate of Sanggar Agung decorated with giant Guan Yin statue with Long Nu and Sancai, Four Heavenly Kings, and a couple of Chinese dragons (Source)
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Gold covered giant Phra Phrom statue with Thai styled stupa (Source)
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A Chinese family pray for their deceased members at Qingming Festival of 2013 under the Heaven Gate of Sanggar Agung (Source)
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A visitor took a picture between the dragon statues of ocean gate of Sanggar Agung (Source)
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Sanggar Agung Temple surrounded by mangrove (Source)
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The altar of man-sized Ganesha statue, used also by Hindus (Source)

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