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Encompassed by a number of Chinese buildings along the length of its coastline, the serene Kenjeran Beach is a renowned tourist destination in the eastern part of Surabaya. The beach is home to brown, muddy shores and deep, greenish waters, and is frequented by a large number of visitors from places near and far all year round.

The wonderful Kenjeran Beach is home to a number of useful amenities, which include restaurants and food shacks, hotels, souvenir shops, as well as washrooms and a parking space, among other things. A thriving marine life is present in the depths of the water, of which, jellyfish, crabs, eels, snails, prawns, and long stretches of coral reefs are prevalent. At present, the famous Kenjeran Beach has received general criticism owing to the increasing levels of land as well as water pollution in the area.

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Things to Do

The tranquil Kenjeran Beach is divided into two sections, namely, the old section, commonly known as the Lama section in the local language, and the new section, locally referred to as the Baru section. In the former section, people usually pay a visit to take in the breathtaking panorama of the sprawling beach, spend an hour or two in the midst of the peaceful surroundings, sail on a traditional boat used for fishing, go for a swim in the calm, gentle waves, embark on a short fishing trip, as well as buy fishes. 

The new section, on the other hand, is reserved for a variety of adrenaline-inducing activities as well as sports, which include tennis, beach football, beach volleyball, as well as swimming. From this section, one may also observe the mesmerizing sight of the famous Surabadu Beach.

Sunsets are exceptionally picturesque, painting the entire canvas of the sky and the sea with a bright shade of vermilion. Sunrises are equally attractive.

On weekends, Kenjeran Beach is used to host fun activities such as horse racing, bike racing, kite-flying competition, barongsai, as well as drag races, among other things.

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