Suroboyo Monument, Surabaya Overview

This landmark sculpture in Surabaya depicts a tussle for supremacy between a shark and a crocodile and is a symbol of Surabaya's strength. The statue holds special significance for the city of Surabaya, especially in light of the fact that the city got its name from the Javanese words for shark and crocodile, 'suro' and 'boyo' respectively. The two beasts are symbolic of the warring armies of Raden Widjaja and Tar Tar during 1293, after which Surabaya as a city was established.

A skate park can be found just beside the monument and is a big attraction for teenage skateboarders in the city. The monument is the place for visitors to go to gain an understanding of the origins of the city of Surabaya. Food stalls and street food can be found in and around the monument as well.

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