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Pakuwon Food Festival, Surabaya Overview

Sprawled along the eastern part of Surabaya, the grand Pakuwon Food Festival is a delightful culinary experience that pays homage to the diverse cuisines around the world, which include the traditional Indonesian, Indian, Arab, Chinese, Mediterranean, and the delicious medley of all the different cultures that have played a role in defining the cuisine of Surabaya.

Be it quaint little food shacks or top restaurants, the Pakuwon Food Festival, also referred to as the Pakuwon Food Fest, is home to a vibrant atmosphere, complete with psychedelic lights, melodious music, live entertainment, and of course, the chief guest of the festival – food!

Established in the year 2008, the Pakuwon Food Festival is a lot more than merely a culinary tour. It is the site which is thronged by an average of up to a whopping eleven thousand visitors from places near and far every weekend!

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Things to Do

1. Gorge on all the food you can lay your hands on!

Home to at least a hundred food stalls, the glamorous Pakuwon Food Festival has a pretty nice arrangement, with a number of tables set around the corner for the food connoisseurs who come to this place in order to have a fulfilling gastronomic experience. In every stand, you may find a different cuisine, a unique menu, with a brilliant blend of both international as well as local food items.

From the conventional cuisine of East Java which includes the scrumptious Kupang Lontong, mixed tofu, grilled rice, Lontong rice, and meatballs, among others, to the various International dishes such as Roti Prata, Hakka noodles, juicy steaks, hamburgers, Indian Murtabak, and French fries, there is no dearth of choices in this amazing place.

One of the food stalls in the Pakuwon Food Festival specializes in a vast expanse of beverages that include one particular ingredient – durian. Be it iced durian, durian juice, durian mixed ice, or durian milkshake, here you may find them all. In addition, other drinks such as thick cappuccinos, spicy ginger juice, refreshing coconut juice, milkshakes, as well as the traditional tea and coffee are also sold here. However, alcoholic drinks are not available in the Pakuwon Food Festival.

For those who do not wish to try out heavy meals may go for the light snacks such as the delicious roasted corn or marinated porridge, tofu paste or a bucket full of cheesy popcorn.

The best part about the alluring Pakuwon Food Festival is that you can try out all the dishes without burning a hole in your pocket!

2. Take your kids out to have fun for a couple of hours

What sets the wonderful Pakuwon Food Festival apart from the ordinary food junctions is that this place has a number of play facilities for little kids. Joyous rides like the mechanical rocking horse, rabbit carriage, trampoline, carousel, as well as tandem bicycles are available for them.

3. Get carried away with the entertaining live performances

The Pakuwon Food Festival has a separate space for those talented performers who come up on stage and set the mood for the evening. Even though live performances usually take place in late evenings on weekends, there is almost always the presence of Jazz music in the air that is performed by the Jazz Lovers’ Community who belong to Surabaya as well as the capital city of Indonesia. The music sounds best at the late hours of the night when dim lanterns and warm, twinkling lights adorn the area.

In addition, the Pakuwon Food Festival also encourages people to come up on stage and perform by hosting various events as well as competitions like dance contests or several musical events as well as band performances.


  • The crowd in the Pakuwon Food Festival continuously grows by the hour, so the later you reach, the more difficult it will be for you to find a good parking spot.
  • Wifi facilities and washrooms are available here.
  • Even though this place is located outdoors, it has a roof over the tables, so that it does not become a problem for the visitors during unexpected weather conditions.

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