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Governor's Residence, Surabaya Overview

An ideal spot for all history enthusiasts, the majestic Governor’s Residence, popularly referred to as the Gedung Negada Grahadi or as the Grahadi State Building, is a monument of immense historical significance. Built in the year 1795, the dignified building has been standing tall for almost two centuries in Surabaya in East Java. The name ‘Grahadi’ has been derived from Sanskrit, and is a compound formed of two separate words, namely, ‘Graha’, which translates to a ‘house’, and ‘Adi’, which may be translated to ‘distinguished’ or ‘ of a high degree’. The building has been named so since there is a conference space within its premises which is also referred to as the Grahadi.

The magnificent Governor’s Residence in Surabaya is one of the finest instances of the wonderful Dutch architecture that prevailed during the colonial period. Even though most of the buildings that still remain from the eighteenth century have been renovated and modernized, the façade of the Governor’s Residence has stayed the same till date. Dominated by sharp vertical as well as horizontal compositions along with an aesthetically pleasing style, the two-story Grahadi State Building is flanked by a sprawling yard lush with palm trees.

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History and Significant Features of the Governor’s Residence

Originally designated as a cozy garden house for the then Dutch officials during the period when they were in power, the revered Grahadi State Building came into being under the reign of the Dutch commissioner, Residan Dirk Van Hogendorps in the year 1795. Back then, the building used to face north, towards the gushing Kali Mas.

In the year 1802, however, the entrance to the residence was changed so that it faced southwards. Soon after this transformation, the Grahadi Building came to function as the official place of stay of the Governor of East Java. It was in the year 1991 when the Provincial Government of East Java opened this building to tourists as well as locals, while it began to serve its purpose as the main office of the Governor.

At present, the Grahadi State Building is used by the Governor as a place to receive his revered guests. In addition, it is also where several cultural gatherings, state occasions, national ceremonies as well as vibrant official events are celebrated. One such ceremony is the Commemoration of the Independence Day of Indonesia that takes place on the 17th of August every year. On this day, a red and white flag is hoisted in a formal ceremony by the students from a number of regions in East Java as well as by the local community groups. 

Apart from its rich heritage, the glorious colonial era cannon is at present also honoured as an architectural wonder and is a popular stopover for tourists as well.


  • You need to send a formal notice to the Superintendent of Public Bureau Household of the Secretary Government of East Java if you wish to enter the official building. Even though it is open to the public, one shall not be permitted to enter the premises without prior notice.
  • On weekends, it remains closed.

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