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Timings : Daily: 07:30 AM - 05:30 PM

Ticket Price : Entry to Ta Keo Temple is included in the comprehensive pass for Angkor Archaeological Park. 
1 Day: USD 37
3 Days: USD 62
7 Days: USD 72
[Tickets purchased only from Angkor Enterprises authorized by the Ministry of Tourism are considered valid. Entry with a fraudulent pass or transferred ticket with a mismatched name is subject to fines of USD 100 for 1-day tickets, USD 200 for 3-day tickets, and USD 300 for 7-day tickets.]

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Ta Keo Temple, Siem Reap Overview

Part of Siem Reap’s historic Angkor Archaeological Park, Ta Keo is a massive unfinished temple-mountain built by Khmer ruler Jayavarman V. It is located just east of Angkor Thom near the temple of Ta Prohm. The shrine within the central spire is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Several lingams and statues of other Hindu deities were found in the sanctuary champers within the towers.

The unique build of the temple boasts five sanctuary towers arranged in a quincunx at the uppermost level of a five-tier pyramid. Like most other Angkor Wat temples, Ta Keo, also called Prasat Kaew, is an elaborate structure with multiple overlapping terraces and represents the cosmic design of Mount Meru. It is the first temple in Angkor Wat to have been built entirely of cut sandstone and have a straight gallery instead of rectangular structures. One of its unique features is the complete lack of external decorations. Legend says that a lightning strike rendered the structure unlucky to be continued, but a more probable explanation is that Jayavarman V died. The structure's construction commenced in 975 A.D., intending to make it the official state temple. 

Another unique highlight is the presence of doors on all four cardinal sides of the sanctuaries. Earlier Angkor monuments only had one on the East and false doors on the other three sides. Do visit the galleries and the libraries guarded by a statue of Nandi Bull in the second tier.

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