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Koyna Dam, Satara Overview

The Koyna Dam is also called the 'lifeline of Maharashtra', and rightfully so! This Dam is truly a lifesaver for the many towns and cities of Maharashtra. This massive structure is spread across 891 square km. Nestled between the Sahyadris in the Western Ghats, Koyna dam is truly blessed with incomparable scenic beauty. The mighty Dam plugs the stream of the Koyna River at the Shivajisagar Lake. It runs for over 50 km and adds charm to every place its runs through. The majestic dense forests, lush green meadows and scintillating waterfalls come together to give this place one of the most serene and pleasing view.

Despite being built in 1964, when technologies available to master such mammoth tasks were very scarce, Koyna dam has been standing firm without even the slightest budge. In fact, this efficiently built structure has withstood several earthquakes without sustaining any damage. Even during the famous 1967 earthquake of Koynanagar, all the blemish that was caused to this enormous dam was just a few minor cracks! These were immediately filled in, and after making a few other renovations, this structure is ready to withstand the strongest of earthquakes without giving in! The reason that the preservation of this structure is so important is that it is the source of water supply and irrigation for all the fields in its vicinity; the maintenance of the dam is pertinent to the livelihood of thousands of Indian families.

Spending the dawn watching and enjoying the sight of chatty birds playing by the Koyna dam and its surrounding grassland as the sun rises and brings the water to glisten with joy, is a sight to remember. To stare at the water creating rhythmic ripples as its aquatic residents come up for a sun kiss creates a feeling of peace and tranquillity in the mind of the onlooker.

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