Places to Visit near Satara

Here is the list of 13 Places to Visit near Satara

1. Pratapgad Fort, Mahabaleshwar

Pratapgad Fort, Mahabaleshwar
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Pratapgad is a hill fort in Maharashtra. Situated close to the famous hill station of Mahabaleshwar in the district of Satara, the citadel rises to an elevation of about 3500 feet from the ground. Much of the fortifications are still intact, and the fort is a popular tourist destination. There are four lakes within the fort, many of which overflow during the monsoons. There is a watchtower just beside the Mahadarwaza, or the main entrance, at the end of the motorable road.

2. Vajrai Falls, Satara

Vajrai Falls, Satara

Vajrai falls, also known as Bhambavli Vajrai falls, is at the height of approximately 260 metres. It is located in Western Maharashtra in the district of Satara. The waterfall is the origin of the River Urmodi. The waterfall declines in three steps from a vertical cliff. This fall is chronic and hence never dries up. It flows for the whole of 12 months. The falls are encompassed with rich green mountains and various enchating valleys of flowers. The atmosphere around these falls is pleasing and helps loosen up.

3. Sajjangad Fort, Satara

Sajjangad Fort, Satara

The Sajjangad fort is located in the mountainous terrain of the Western Ghats. Being best known as a pilgrimage site, it is one of the protected monuments in West India. This beautiful fort is situated at about 16 kms from the city of Satara. The fort served as a defensive as well as residential construction until it became a monument till date.

4. Kalyangad Fort, Satara

Kalyangad Fort, Satara

Kalyangad Fort is a citadel situated on the rim of the Nandgiri hill in the mountain ranges of Mahadev, Satara. Silhara King Bhoj II built it. It was then surrendered to King Shivaji in the 16th century, after which Bajirao possessed it. At the end of the last Maratha war, it fell in the hands of General Pritzler in the early 18th century. In 1862, it was characterised to be in a condition as severe as uninhabitable without any supplies or water. It is located at an elevation of 3500 feet. There is a temple of Lord Hanuman in the fort, which is the only thing that is intact in this fort.

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5. Kaas Plateau, Panchgani

Kaas Plateau, Panchgani
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Declared as the UNESCO World Natural Heritage sites of India in 2012, Kaas Plateau in Panchgani is a magical place with landscapes with lakes, flowers and butterflies all around. Kaas Plateau is a biodiversity hotspot situated at a mighty altitude of 1200 metres and is a major biodiversity hotspot owing to the many varieties of endemic flowers and butterflies that are found here. Housing about 850 species of beautiful wildflowers, the 1000 hectare area of the plateau is now a reserved forest which is famous for its natural beauty and flora, Kaas Lake and how it turns into a valley of flowers during monsoon.

Distance from Satara: 24 km

6. Koyna Dam, Chiplun

Koyna Dam, Chiplun
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The Koyna Dam is also called the 'lifeline of Maharashtra', and rightfully so! This Dam is truly a lifesaver for the many towns and cities of Maharashtra. This massive structure is spread across 891 square km. Nestled between the Sahyadris in the Western Ghats, Koyna dam is truly blessed with incomparable scenic beauty. The mighty Dam plugs the stream of the Koyna River at the Shivajisagar Lake. It runs for over 50 km and adds charm to every place its runs through. The majestic dense forests, lush green meadows and scintillating waterfalls come together to give this place one of the most serene and pleasing view.

Distance from Satara: 84 km

7. Lodwick Point, Mahabaleshwar

Lodwick Point, Mahabaleshwar
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Lodwick Point which lies 5 km to the west of Mahabaleshwar is a beauty to the eyes. This vantage point provides an unmatched view of Pratapgarh Fort and Elphinstone Point. There is a huge statue of Lord Lodwick situated on the site. People flock in from different parts of the country to witness the amazing statue and to experience the view of the place. There are also some local guides present there who can guide the tourists and provide information about the area.

Distance from Satara: 69 km

8. Vasota Fort, Satara

Vasota Fort, Satara

Situated at a distance of 56 km from Satara in Maharashtra, Vasota Fort is perched at a height of 1171 m near the village of Bamnoli. Considered to be a popular trekking spot, the fort is also known to be an ideal picnic spot in the region. It is enveloped in dense green forests and aside from the thrilling adventurous activity, you can also enjoy picturesque views of the valley amidst bounteous nature.

9. Chalkewadi Windmill Farms, Satara

Chalkewadi Windmill Farms, Satara

Located at a distance of around 30 km from Satara and 6 km from Thoseghar Falls, Chalkewadi Windmill Farms is one of the biggest windmill farms in Asia. Owing to the presence of beautiful green hills in the vicinity, the entire region of Chalkewadi has been developed into a tourist area. The windmill sprawls over a 5 km plateau itself and you can spot several other windmills on the adjoining hills. Set amidst stunning hills, red soil and a stunning ambiance, the windmill was originally setup to generate clean energy for Satara and the neighbouring region.

10. Chandan Fort, Satara

Chandan Fort, Satara

24 kilometres from Satara stand the Chandan-Vandan twin forts, at a height of 3800 feet in the Sahyadri range. These forests are believed to have been made to protect the route that leads to Satara and the kingdom. The Chandan Fort, in particular, is a 3 hour drive up, and has only one entrance. While most of the fort is in good shape, the main gate is in ruins and you can see some of the inscriptions and carvings on the fort. There is also a mosque nearby, as well as a Shiva temple.

Distance from Satara: 798 km

11. Thoseghar Falls, Satara

Thoseghar Falls, Satara

The stunning Thoseghar Falls are located near the village of Thoseghar at a distance of 20 km from the city of Satara in Maharashtra. The Thoseghar Falls are a series of waterfalls with some falls as high as 15-20m, whereas, the highest fall plummeting from a height of 200m. The tranquil scenic surrounding landscapes coupled with the thunderous sound of the gushing water are the main attractions of the Thoseghar Falls. The viewing platform allows getting a sufficiently full view of the gorgeous waterfalls. Thoseghar is best visited during the monsoon and is an easy weekend getaway from Pune and Mumbai.

Distance from Satara: 1 km

12. Chandoli National Park, Maharashtra-goa

Chandoli National Park, Maharashtra-goa

Wrapped all over with lush green vegetation, the Chandoli National Park is an ideal habitat setting for a wide and distinct variety of animals, birds and reptiles. This green paradise is one hidden gem that should make its mark in your Maharashtra Wildlife Tours itinerary. It makes for an adventure packed tour with its thrilling jungle safari, bird watching, trekking and other activities. Travellers receive a unique opportunity to witness exceptional views of nature.

13. Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, Satara

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, Satara

The Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Koynanagar in Satara. It was declared as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 2012. Along with experiencing wildlife adventure, one can witness breathtaking valleys, forest and various rare species of animals, birds and plants. It is an ideal place for a day's trip to get to trek, sight-see,  photograph, eat authentic food and stay within nature. Nearby, there's Radhanagari wildlife sanctuary, Pratapgad fort and some other forts as well.

Timing: 9:30 a.m to 8:00 p.m.

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