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Timings : Open until 5:00 PM

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Boating : Available (Prior permission required)

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Koyna Dam, Chiplun Overview

The Koyna Dam is built on Koyana River that originates from Mahabaleshwar and is nestled between the Sahyadris in the Western Ghats. The massive structure is spread across 891 square km. The drive from Chiplun this place goes through majestic dense forests, plateaus, lush green meadows and scintillating Navna waterfalls.

It is not allowed to visit the dam, however, the travellers can take permission letter which is issued in Pune. Spending the sunrise and sunset by the Koyna dam and its surrounding Nehru Park or staying at MTDC's Koyana Resort. is one of the popular things to do.

With proper permissions taken before the visit (from Pune), a provision is made to take travellers to the heart of the dam on a boat. Each boat accommodates 10-15 adults with boating experiences offered by both, government authorities and private establishments. Private establishments charge a very high rate as compared to the government authorities, but are open at all times; as against the government authorities which have fixed timings. You can see the mighty entrance gates of the dam from the cruise. 

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Places To Visit Near Koyna Dam

1. Nehru Garden: If you go to Koyna Dam, you must visit the Nehru Garden once. It is only 2 km away and is a perfect rest house as well as a picnic spot. The garden is filled with open lawns and perfectly manicured and maintained landscape. The Western Sahyadri Ghats blended with the Koyna Dam provide a picturesque view.

The garden authorities have arranged for the viewing of a 30-minute clip about the Koyna Dam, how it was constructed, its hydroelectric plant, etc. There is an in-house canteen facility that serves delicious and fresh food.

The Nehru garden is home to many monkeys that have now grown accustomed to the garden's visitors! The entry fee for the garden is INR 5.

2. Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary: 
The Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary is only 4 hours from the Koyna Dam and is a natural World Heritage Site. It is a scenic sanctuary that is decorated with the thick forests, the Shivsagar reservoir formed by the Koyna Dam and the Western Sahyadri Ghats. The dilapidated Vasota Fort built by Malwa king Raja Bhoja is situated inside the forest. Exotic animals like the Indian Bengal Tiger, Indian leopards, Indian Bison, sloth bears, etc. have made this sanctuary their home.

3. Ozarde Waterfall:
The entry ticket to this area costs INR 30 per person and is a 1-2 km long trek. One needs to be careful and fully aware of the reptiles and snakes in this area, and hence, children should be watched and supervised on the trek.

History of Koyna Dam

Despite being built in 1964, when technologies available to master such mammoth tasks were very scarce, Koyna dam has been standing firm without even the slightest budge. It is a rubble concrete dam that was created alongside three other dams. The dam has withstood several big earthquakes including the big 1967 Koynanagar Earthquake. Several damage control measures have been used to earthquake-proof the dam over a period of decades. The dam is a source of water supply and irrigation for all the fields in its vicinity; the maintenance of the dam is pertinent to the livelihood of thousands of Indian families. 

Best Time To Visit Koyna Dam

The monsoon season brings out the best in the dam's beauty and creates a fantastic atmosphere which should be experienced once. However, it does look gracefully beautiful all through the year and invites travellers from all over to admire its beauty.

How To Reach Koyna Dam

The nearest railway station to Koyna Dam is Satara Railway station, and it is approximately 90 km away. It takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to Koyna Dam from the railway station.  Buses ply to Nasarpur Bus Stop which is 162 km away and is an approximate 3-hour commute. Bear in mind that toll taxes are applicable on this route.

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