San Dieguito River Park

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San Dieguito Park is a vast ocean of lush greenery, sprawled across a whopping 92000 acres in San Diego County. With San Dieguito Lagoon on one side and the Volcan Mountain Wilderness Preserve on the other, the alluring park is renowned for its scenic beauty and the auxiliary trails. Celebrating the preservation of San Diego’s natural resources and local heritage, the San Dieguito River Park is home to both educational and recreational opportunities that blend well with nature.

The endless space within the park offers shelter to a number of species, including over 200 birds which draw in birdwatchers from places near and far. In addition, exotic species of birds and animals, such as Cactus Wren, Least Bell’s Vireo, San Diego horned lizard, and the California gnatcatcher have also found their homes in this magnificent space, owing to the coastal sage scrub habitat that thrives here.

San Dieguito River Park is ideal for hiking, mountain biking, running, camping, or just spending a couple of hours taking in the fresh air in peace. From easy trails which are perfect for a leisurely stroll to curated trails that are steep enough for a challenging hike, the spacious park offers a dash of adventure in the midst of concrete and mortar.

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