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Reykjavik offers plenty of local and exotic cuisines. Iceland can be expensive when it comes to food but there is a wide range to choose from depending on your budget. 10-11 is a chain of convenience stores where you can buy cheap ready-to-eat meals. There are the usual fast food joints and many local varieties as well. There are many small cafes to relax and eat as well as coffeehouses. You can try out local cuisine and seafood at the fish restaurants in Reykjavik which start from mid-range and may cost upwards of ISK 1000. Fine dining options include Argentina Steakhouse, Dill, Fish Company, Grillid, Holt and Perlan. Some mid-range popular restaurants include Messin, Ostabudin, Resto, Kaffivagninn and Forettabarinn. Some must have dishes are Hangikjot, Skyr, Icelandic fish, meat soup, and the famous Icelandic hot dog.

Food for Indians in Reykjavik

You can find many restaurants that serve vegetarian food in Reykjavik and some popular ones are Svarta Kaffid, Glo, Bergsson Mathus, Caf_ Babalu, Nepalese Kitchen, 3 Frakkar, Shalimar and Meze Restaurant. Jain restaurants as such are difficult to find but you can place special orders at restaurants that are vegetarian friendly.

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