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Devyani Chandra

5 years ago
- Rajgir is a small place, so just 2 days are enough to cover this destination.
- Nalanda is just 15 km from Rajgir, so a trip to Nalanda for a day is also recommended.
- Winters might be a bit (Read More) chilly here, so carry appropriate clothing.
- Carry mosquito repellants and use bottled water.

Asif Uzzaman

4 years ago
Apart from the famous Brahm kund and Makdum Kund, Rajgir holds one of the many Shanti Stupas of the Buddhist faith spread across India. Located at the top the mountain, it can be climbed either on fo (Read More)ot through the stairways cut into the stone all the way up or through ropeway. I personally suggest you do it on foot. It's more exciting this way.

Asif Uzzaman

on Swarna Bhandar 4 years ago
How many languages can you read? If you can read the particular hymn written in an so-far-undeciphered script above gate of Swarn Bhandar, all its treasure is yours! so is the belief. Not a very pict (Read More)uresque place, but you can have your share of fun seeing people trying to pull out coins from the cracks in the wall, inserted by others previously.

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Q. Give name and of hotels for a couple below 800 Also inform if bengali veg food is available


5 years ago
Hotel Samrat, Mahalaxmi Hotel, Sharda Hotel, Rajgir Hotel and Hotel Vandana. There are several restaurants in Rajgir serving veg food so you won't face a problem in finding Bengali food.
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