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Sachin kumar 1 month ago
A very peaceful place for meditation
Brahmani Keni 1 year ago
A trip to Bodh Gaya can be clubbed with a trip to West Bengal. Bodh Gaya is extremely famous for its Buddhist ideologies and enlightenment stories. BUDDHA AND BUDDHISM WAS BORN HERE The famous places to visit are Bodhi tree, Mahabodhi temple, Thai monastery, Brahmayoni temple and Cankamana. One meets his inner self here and experiences peace.
Gyanesh Shroff 1 year ago
Take off your shoes before entering the inner parts of the main temple/stupa complex.
Gyanesh Shroff 1 year ago
Circumambulate the stupa and other sacred objects in a clock-wise direction. And preserve the peace and tranquility without disturbing the environment. Do not climb onto statues, monuments and other sacred objects.
Gyanesh Shroff 1 year ago
There are many beggars in Bodh Gaya, especially outside temple entrances. Sometimes they can be quite persistent. Nevertheless, they are typically not as determined as the rickshaw drivers or street peddlers trying to sell cheap souvenirs at an exorbitant price.
Gyanesh Shroff 1 year ago
Summers can be very hot here and winters are a bit chilly, so do carry appropriate clothing.
Munna Kumar 1 year ago
buddha gaya.lndia hi

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Q. I want to spend some time meditating in some Buddhist monastery in Bodh Gaya. How do I go about it?

Shashwat Kant 1 year ago
The Tibetan Monastery in Bodh Gaya is a lovely place to be. They host meditation classes, and also have a huge meditation room. You can also spend your time near the Bodhi Tree or the Mahabodhi Temple for a serene experience.

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