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Timings : 8:30 am to 6:00 pm

Entry Fee : Adult: 10 NZD, Child: 5 NZD, Family (2 Adults and 2 Children): 20 NZD

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Underwater Observatory , Queenstown Overview

Take a look at the various sea creatures without getting into the water at Underwater Observatory, Queenstown, New Zealand.

Want to take a look at all the marine creatures up close without getting into the water? Queenstown Underwater Observatory offers to showcase various fish and sea creatures of the lake. It is located on the Main Town Pier. Slinky eels, massive trout, and diving ducks usually swim around the shore of the lake, while one can spot Scaup Ducks swimming deep into the lake Wakatipu, searching for food. The lake is also a habitat for other types are marine species like Brown and Rainbow Trout and slithering New Zealand Long Finned Eels. The Underwater Observatory is a great tourist attraction for all ages.

Underwater Observatory

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KJet Rides

The lake Wakatipu is also famous for the exciting jet ski rides that are offered by KJet. It is the first jet boat ride that was introduced in New Zealand. They have been providing service for more than 90 years. They offer a 60-minute boat ride and cover up to 45km of Wakatipu lake which is a total value for the money. It is a great option for a family day out. They also offer discounts for families. Purchase of a Jet boat ticket also gives you free entry into the Underwater Observatory.

What to See

Rare fish in Underwater Observatory

- New Zealand Longfin Eel:
Specially found in New Zealand, these species can live up to 90 years and weigh about 16 kg. Even though they have a poor daytime vision, they have a good sense of smell.

- Scaup Duck:
They are usually dark brown or black in colour. Scaup Ducks are also known as black teal and can dive up to 8 meters deep. Even though they are land animals, they spend a lot of time underwater.

- Rainbow and Brown Trout:
The lake is mostly filled with Rainbow and Brown Trouts. They weigh 1-2 kg and sometimes even 5kg with an average lifespan of 9 years. The Rainbow trout was brought from the USA and the Brown trout were brought from Europe.

- Chinook Salmon:
Chinook Salmon is also known as Quinnat Salmon. The females are usually silver and the males are orange or brown in colour.

How To Reach Underwater Observatory

The underwater observatory is very close to Queenstown Airport with a distance of 11km. Bus routes 1 from Fernhill and 2 from Arthurs Point.

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