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"Highly Urbanized City of Philippines"

Puerto Princesa Tourism

Located on the western coast of Palawan, the capital city Puerto Princesa is the second largest city in the Philippines in terms of area but is one of the least densely populated cities in the country. Known for its abundant greenery and home to gorgeous white sand beaches, Puerto Princesa has been listed as the cleanest and the greenest city in the Philippines.

The name Puerto Princesa is named after a Spanish princess Maria Cristina born to Queen Isabella of Spain. Tourism has grown to become the primary source for its locals as lakhs of visitors travel to Puerto Princesa to visit the UNESCO heritage site - the underground river. Many adventure activities, pristine beaches and affordable special souvenirs make this city a popular destination for people including the Filipinos who visit in large numbers. The city is ideal for budget travellers as well, with inexpensive accommodations and comfortable transport system. It is a safe city to travel and attract many solo travellers.

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Puerto Princesa Highlights

1. Underground River National Park

Underground River National Park
Puerto Princesa's underground river is one of the seven modern wonders of the world and is the most popular attraction of the city. Discovered in the '90s, the underground river is a protected UNESCO heritage site and the pride of the Philippines.

2. Honda Bay

Honda Bay
Honda Bay is located on the eastern shore of Puerto Princesa city and is an area for the commercial fishery. A 25-minute drive from the centre of Puerto Princesa City on the east leads to Honda Bay, a popular area for the locals to hang out in the evening. The Bay area is rich in many species of starfishes that are found in large numbers close to the coast.

3. Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center

Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center
Formerly famous as Crocodile conservation centre, many species of endangered animals including ostriches, are protected here. Palawan Wildlife Rescue center is home to many species of newly hatched and full-grown crocodiles including a few rare and endangered species.

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More on Puerto Princesa


1. People are often friendly and helpful to the tourists, and unlike many of the cities, it is unlikely that a tourist is overcharged or duped while travelling.
2. Attire is not closely paid attention anywhere in the city although it is expected that people be dressed modestly and suitable for occasions, especially if visiting ancient churches, places of worship or sensitive communities. People are comfortable wearing shorts or beach wear as per the place and the need.
3. Rizal Avenu area is the best place to stay as it is in the centre of the city and is easy to access the transport for touring. Apart from this street, most of the shops in other areas close well before, and hence it is advised to take general precautions if moving around at night.
4. The nightlife in Puerto Princesa is not as glorious as its neighbouring beach islands in Palawan, but it is on par with Manila. Rizal Avenue has some great pubs that organize concerts and performances on the weekends. There are a few dance clubs as well.
5. Puerto Princesa is a good place to shop if you are especially looking for souvenirs or clothes. Handmade souvenirs made of seashells, corals and intricately carved wood are a great buy. Some of the popular places for shopping are Robinson's Mall, NCCC Mall and the public market.

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Puerto Princesa

FAQs on Puerto Princesa

What is the best time to visit Puerto princesa?

July to September are the best months to enjoy Puerto Princesa with the temperature being ideal.
The Palawan regions experience a tropical climate with humidity throughout the year.
The summer lasts from January to May, and the monsoon is severe around June and July. October, November and December months have relatively less rainfall making it a good time to visit for those preferring a beach vacation.

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What is the local food in Puerto princesa?

The food in the Palawan region is a mix of American, Spanish, Chinese and English cuisines. Unlike the rest of the Philippines, Indian and Mediterranean food are sparse. Seafood is consumed majorly in Puerto Princesa, followed by meat including chicken, pork and crocodile.
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What are the places near Puerto princesa?

The top places near to Puerto princesa are Manila which is 567 km from Puerto princesa, Boracay which is located 408 km from Puerto princesa, Cebu city which is located 559 km from Puerto princesa, London which is located 11040 km from Puerto princesa, Dubai which is located 6884 km from Puerto princesa

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