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How to Reach Prague from India

If you are visiting Prague from India, you have various options of flights including Air India, Fin Air, Lufthansa, Aeroflot, Austrian Airways and many more. There are no direct fights to the city, the journey being of duration 10 hours approximately. One can take flight from various India cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad etc.

How to reach Prague by flight

Prague is one of the major cities of Central Europe leading as a popular tourist destination. The city has an international airport namely Prague Airport catering to plethora of flight from almost all the major cities around the globe. Czech Airlines is the national carrier operating to several European and other international destination. One can take direct flight from UK, Middle East, Europe, Canada and other places.¾

How to reach Prague by road

Getting into Prague through a self-mode of transportation or a cab is quite easy. Try and avoid the peak hours as one might have to face heavy traffic. Car parking is available through the city both public and private as well as the streets.

How to reach Prague by train

Praha HlavnÍ Nˆdra_Í is the main railway station of Prague located at Wilsonova 300. Apart from serving its obvious purpose, it is also a masterpiece with domed art nouveau architecture. Nˆdra_Í Hole_ovice is another option that serves as the second largest international railway station. Trains heading to Berlin, Vienna and Budapest depart from this station. Although nestled in the north side of Prague, the station is well connected to the city centre through various mode of public transport including metro. Several over night sleeper trains directly link Prague to other major European cities. One can take the comfortable City Night Line sleeper trains while travelling from Germany to the city. The tilting Czech Pendolino is mainly used for commuting between Prague and other major cities of the country.¾

How to reach Prague by bus

Praha Florenc Bus Station in Prague serves as the major coach terminal for international travel. One can get there or travel further through tram stop and a metro station, Florenc (lines B & C). Located about 20 to 30 minutes of walk from city centre, taxis are also readily available for onward journey to the hotel.

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