How to Reach Parvati Valley

Parvati Valley is well-connected by road to many famous destinations in Himachal Pradesh and major cities in North India. One needs to arrive at the closest town to these destinations that is Bhuntar (which is 6 kms from Kasol). From Bhuntar one can either take local buses or private/shared taxis to arrive at Kasol/Manikaran/Tosh. 

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How to reach Parvati Valley by road

Many domestic tourists prefer to travel with their own vehicles as it makes it easier to go around the little hamlets in Himachal at their own pace and time. It is recommended that only people who have good driving skills should decide to around the rough terrains of Himachal. 

How to reach Parvati Valley by train

The two nearest airports to Parvati Valley are Kullu Manali Airport and Chandigarh International Airport. Flights are a bit on the expensive end but really help in cutting travel time to just 1.5 hours. Once there, one can catch local buses or hire private/shared taxis to reach Parvati Valley.

How to reach Parvati Valley by bus

Many tourists prefer to arrive at Bhuntar through various cities. It is usually an overnight journey that connects Bhuntar to New Delhi. The journey is of about 10-14 hours. No bus goes directly to any of the towns at Himachal. Once arrived at Bhuntar, tourists can either take local buses to the towns or hire a private taxi to take them around the many stops at Parvati Valley. 

Local transport in Parvati Valley

Parvati Valley is easily accessible through Kasol and Manikaran which have good road connectivity to major stops such as Bhuntar and Chandigarh. One can easily avail bus or taxi services to reach Parvati Valley. Along the way, one can get buses or shared taxis to travel around but where proper roads are not available, trekking is the only option.

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