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Krishnarajasagar Dam, Mysore Overview

Located in Mandya in Karnataka, KrishnaRajaSagara Dam, also known as KRS Dam, is a huge gravity dam situated near the confluence of the rivers - Cauvery, Hemavathi and Lakshaman Tirtha. Named after Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV of Mysore, the dam was initially built to provide water for Mandya and Mysore. But later, it eventually became a source of water supply for the city of Bangalore that was rapidly growing. Today it is a major tourist attraction and amongst the most scenic spots in the region.

Flanked by flashy fountains, beautiful gardens and stunning rivers, the site looks so scintillating that it has been the sets for several movies in the past. Besides, it is considered an ideal weekend getaway from the chaos and din of the city to spend some peaceful time amidst surreal natural beauty. Also known as the first irrigation dam of India, KRS Dam also ensures power supply to Shivanasamudra hydroelectric power station.

Photos of Krishnarajasagar Dam

Krishnarajasagar Dam

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Brindavan Garden at KrishnaRajaSagara Dam

Brindavan Garden

Brindavan Garden is an ornamental garden that is situated adjacent to KrishnaRajaSagara Dam. The beautiful lush green garden also has several shining fountains, flower beds and play area for kids that attract a large tourist influx. Besides, the park also facilitates the activity of boating beneath the dam. You can also enjoy a light and sound show in the evening where you can see the illuminating fountains go up and down in sync with the sound and music.

Architecture of KrishnaRajaSagara Dam

KrishnaRajaSagara Dam

KrishnaRajaSagara Dam was built in 1932 under the rule of the Wodeyar’s. With an impressive height of 130 feet and a total of 152 sluice gates, the dam boasts of striking architectural designs. Designed by one of the renowned architects of India- Sir M. Vishweshwaraiah, KRS Dam is constructed out of ‘surkhi’ that is a mixture of limestone and brick powder, other than the regular cement mix.

Best Time to Visit

Although any time of the year is considered a good time to visit the KRS Dam. However, it is considered especially ideal to visit here during the monsoons. In the rainy season, that is, between June and August, the water level rises due to the rains and the dam presents a majestic sight. Sometimes the water level rises so much so that it gushes out of the gates- it is a sight worth preserving in the memory. You will consider yourself fortunate to have witnessed it. Besides, the surrounding area also becomes lush green and is a pure visual delight.

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