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"The mascot of coastal elegance."

Mozambique Tourism

Mozambique is an African coastal country, adjacent to South Africa. The coast is shared by the Great Indian Ocean. Maputo is the capital city of this historic country. Mozambique has a beautiful historic significance in the Portugal reign. It served as a key checkpoint in the happening trades then. The historic monuments, the blue lined coasts, green topped forests, the flavour of the authentic Mozambiquan cuisine and the flawlessly crafted artworks all stay loyal in preserving Mozambique's top spot in the tourists' wish list.

Mozambique houses a whopping 16,000,000 population and is surrounded by South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania. The shores are covered by the Great Indian Ocean. Maputo is the capital city of the country. Portuguese is the official language, but seems to be over-shadowed by other Mozambiquan native languages. Mozambiquan Metical is the official currency here. 1 Metical = 100 Centavos. Other popular currencies like Dollar and Euros are accepted at tourist spots like hotels, restaurants, etc. Smoking here is officially banned and statutory. Tourists from countries other than the US and the UK are required to get their visa processed before they land. While, others may avail the on-spot visa service. Credit cards are obsolete everywhere but in hotels and other high end places. The country is well known for it's diverse biological population. The flora and fauna here render the magnificense of the country's stunning visuals. The deep dive seas and the party coated beaches serve for the extravagant nightlife. Authentic Mozambiquan cuisine and the Mozambiquan touches in any dish, tingles the taste buds of any living human. Crafted with care, tradition and love, the handicrafts of Mozambique are sure to be a head turner and make a good souvenier.

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Currency in Mozambique

The Mozambiquan Metical (MZM, mts) is the official currency accepted in Mozambique. South African Rand and the US $ are also accepted across the country. ATMs throughout Mozambique dispense mts. The Standard bank accepts Visa and Mastercard, while the Millenium accepts all international cards.

Exchanging Money in Mozambique

Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Rands, etc are easily convertible at any bank at standart rates all accross the country. While currencies like Yen, Australian and Canadian Dollars are rejected everywhere.

Daily Budget for Mozambique

Mozambique isn't an expensive tourist country. But, it isn't much cheap either. Hotel accommodation range from 25$ all the way up to 100$ per night. The food here is very cheap. A meal could easily be savoured within the 5$ range.Taking into account the cost for different activities, transport, etc, a day in Mozambique can as less as 40$ to how much ever the tourist is willing to spend.

Religion of Mozambique

Chrisitianity, Islam.

Mozambique Customs

Most of the country's customs derive from the Portuguese. The communication style people adapt is mostly indirect. They are very concious of their words and the scars it may leave, and hence are taken aback from expressing the true feelings. It's considered rude to visit someone and not stay back for some snacking. Rejecting a food offer or a gift offer is also rude here.

Language of Mozambique

Portuguese is the official language in Mozambique. However, the natives converse in over a range of dialects of the Bantu language, all accounting to a total of about 40 languages. English can be found in most of the tourist locations, boarding houses and hotels.

History of Mozambique

Mozambique has a history serving as a hub for trades of slaves and spices in the 16th century under the Portuguese. All the historic forts and cathedrals built in and along the country are a work of the skilled Portugal craftsmen. The Front of Liberation of Mozambique (FRELIMO), an anti-colonial community, went up against the Portuguese and set the nation independent on July 25, 1975. FRELIMO established a one party socialist state, upon which, drew the resistance of the Mozambiquan National Resistance (RENAMO). The rift between the two were sorted out and the constitution was framed in November, 1990.

Nightlife in Mozambique

Mozambique wakes up at sun down. The country being a coastal one, has a flamboyant nightlife. Immense number of pubs, bars and night parties set the city on fire. Beach side parties are also an extravaganza.

Shopping in Mozambique

Souvenirs from Mozambique: Colourful face masks that signify a tribe's individuality. Wooden carvings native to Africa. Traditional tribal jewellery. Traditional home decors.

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Mozambique, Mozambique
Mozambican Dhow.
Arab-Swahili slave traders and their captives on the Ruvuma River
The Island of Mozambique is a small coral island at the mouth of Mossuril Bay on the Nacala coast of northern Mozambique, first explored by Europeans in the late 15th century.

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FAQs on Mozambique

What is the best time to visit Mozambique?

Mozambique's beauty deserves to be awe'd at during not so rainy days. The months of May - November is dry and cool, and hence is ideal for touring. Summer here is wet. Cyclones may lash the place around January.
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What is the local food in Mozambique?

Mozambique is known for is exotic and quite affordable cuisine. The sea food here is authentic and earns a badge in any honourary food competition. Mozambiquan beer is no less famous than the country itself. There is usually a "piri-piri" touch in dishes. The Portuguese cuisine inter-weaved with the seafood is the perfect blend any tourist would ever fantasize of.
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What are the places near Mozambique?

The top places near to Mozambique are London which is 4799 km from Mozambique, Dubai which is located 2159 km from Mozambique, Amsterdam which is located 4594 km from Mozambique, New york city which is located 10210 km from Mozambique, Bali which is located 9222 km from Mozambique

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