Best Time To Visit Mount Cook National Park

What is the best time to visit Mount Cook National Park?

The best time to visit Mount Cook National Park is during the spring time season between the months of September to November. The peak tourist season at Mount Cook National Park is during the summer months from December onwards and lodging options will most likely be fully booked unless they are booked well in advance. The autumn months of March until May will allow visitors the opportunity to see the national park come alive with the unique colours of fall.

While most people try to squeeze in a trip to Mount Cook National Park into a single day trip, this would not do the landscape any justice. A trip to Mount Cook National Park would be best experienced over a number of days. One of the main reasons beyond being able to truly experience the national park is that because of the high number of skyscraping mountains, the weather conditions are subject to drastic change. Even with weather forecasting tools, you cannot predict sudden changes in the weather and it is common enough that people stay for 3 days and not get a single day of clear weather or good visibility. So staying for at least that long will maximize your chances of getting at least one day with clear weather.

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