Best Time To Visit Fox Glacier

What is the best time to visit Fox Glacier?

The peak tourist season around the Franz Josef and Fox glaciers are during the summer months between November and February. The warm temperatures mean that the entire city is out and about. The bars and restaurants are packed and lively, and the weather throughout the day remains pleasant. This is also an ideal time to go on helicopter rides, as clear skies make for great visibility conditions, which allow visitors to take in great views of the glaciers. However both the Franz Josef and Fox glaciers are open throughout the year and this is a result of the fact that they both lie near the temperate zone. It is recommended by guides to visit the glaciers during the winters to be able to witness the glaciers under the most stable and clearest weather conditions. Ice features like ice caves last for longer periods of time during the winter season as well. Flight tickets and lodging options are likely to be less expensive during this time as well.

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