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"Goat's Leap"

Mekedatu Tourism

Situated in Kanakapura of Ramanagara district, Mekedatu is a site by a stretch of narrow, deep gorges through which the river Kaveri flows. 100km from Bangalore, Mekedatu is a perfect weekend getaway for nature lovers. Mekedatu means 'goat's leap' in Kannada and has interesting mythology behind this natural beauty. The interesting thing about the gorges is that the other side of the gorge is Tamil Nadu. 

Mekedatu is a paradise for trekkers as there are many beautiful places to explore here. Biking is also popular here since the roads are almost barren leaving room for uninterrupted biking trips. Chunchi Falls are a must-visit here. Do note that the water currents in the gorges can get quite rough and it is recommended to not go swimming. So bask in the beauty of Mekedatu's adventure and historical side.  

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Etymology & Legend Behind the Name

'Meke' translates to goat in English and 'datu' means to cross. Mekedatu translates to 'Goat's Leap' in English.

There is an ancient, local story behind this mystical name. The tale is about a herdsman who encountered a goat being chased by a tiger. The goat being frightened jumped from one side of the gorge to others. The tiger did not continue his chase after the goat jumped and let the goat run away. After this incident, locals started calling this place Mekedatu. People also started believing that the goat that leapt was no other than Lord Shiva himself. There are some peculiar holes on both sides of the gorges which evidence the belief that the Goat was divine, adding an interesting twist to the tale. Many also believe that these holes are formed by erosion due to the flow of River Kaveri.

Places to Visit in Mekedatu

1. Sangama (The Gorges)

About 3.5 kms away from Mekedatu lies the point of confluence of rivers Kaveri and Arakavathi. The latter river merges into the former, the resulting water body being 150m wide. At Sangama, one can enjoy the experience of riding the traditional round boat coracle.

2. Chunchi Falls

A wonderful pocket of nature, these falls are situated close to Sangam. It's advisable to visit them during monsoons when the river is swollen and the falls are gushing.

3. Sangameshwara Temple

Situated in Sangam, this holy place is a shrine to the Sangameshwara avatar of Lord Shiva. Devotees on their way to Mekedatu can stop by and offer worship to their god while enjoying a rich, scenic view. The temple was recently innovated. 

Activities & Things to Do

  1. Biking: Bikers who desperately await a weekend getaway to take their beloved wheels on the road, biking to Mekedatu - especially on the road to Kanakapura - is a pleasure. A thrilling ride through the valley - as the Kaveri rivers soar past you and the beautiful vistas surround you. 

  2. Swimming: The freshwaters gnashing against the sculpted ancient rocks make for an inviting sight on a summer day. If you know how to swim, feel free to take a dip with your friends and have a good time! But do beware of the water conditions as its rough most times and can be dangerous. 

  3. Trekking: Those looking to explore the regions on foot are welcome to trek alongside the river. Walking on the gorges and passing through forests is a delightful way to conclude your trip to Mekedatu.

Tips When Visiting Mekedatu

1. While biking is a fun activity, it remains inadvisable and dangerous to speed.
2. Be careful while stepping into the river water - the rocks are sharp and slipping on the can be life-threatening.
3. Avoid the regions of the river with whirlpools.
4. Do not litter into the river.
5. Steer clear of the waters if you don't know how to swim.
6. Dress comfortably for the trek.
7. Eat at the KSTC Canteen near Sangam if in need of a snack. There are very few places to stay here.

Best Time to Visit Mekedatu

How to Reach Mekedatu

How to Reach Overview

Mekedatu is accessed only through roads and rail. The nearest airport is in Bangalore at 142 km by a drive and the nearest railway station is in Bangalore as well. There are buses going to Sangama after which on arrival, you'd have to walk for 3.5 km to reach Mekedatu. 

How to reach Mekedatu by flight

The nearest airport is Kempegowda International Airport at a distance of 142 km from Mekedatu. You can either rent a vehicle or take a taxi from there. 

How to reach Mekedatu by train

The nearest railway station to Mekedatu is in Channapatnam at 51 km away. But this is a smaller station so it is advised to go to Bangalore to catch a train as the station there is well connected to all the cities in Karnatak and all major cities in India as well. 

Mekedatu Photos

Sanagam in Mekedatu
Mekedatu - Ideal Place for Weekend Getaway

FAQs on Mekedatu

What is famous about Mekedatu?

Perfect weekend get-away for friends and family.

What is not so good about Mekedatu?

Very few places to stay/eat.

Who should visit Mekedatu?

Nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts.

What is the best time to visit Mekedatu?

The climate remains favourable throughout the year, but the best time to visit Mekedatu is from September to December. If you're looking to swim in the Kaveri river, visiting during monsoons should be avoided as the rocks get slippery and dangerous.
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What is the best way to reach Mekedatu?

Mekedatu is accessed only through roads and rail. The nearest airport is in Bangalore at 142 km by a drive and the nearest railway station is in Bangalore as well. There are buses going to Sangama after which on arrival, you'd have to walk for 3.5 km to reach Mekedatu. 

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What are the places near Mekedatu?

The top places near to Mekedatu are Bangalore which is 81 km from Mekedatu, Mysore which is located 87 km from Mekedatu, Hogenakkal which is located 39 km from Mekedatu, Ooty which is located 124 km from Mekedatu, Bheemeshwari which is located 19 km from Mekedatu

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