How to Reach Kyoto

The nearest airports to Kyoto are the Kansai and Osaka International Airports, or Kyoto can be reached by road, train or bus from Tokyo, after having visited Tokyo.

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How to Reach Kyoto from India

The closest airport would be Osaka Airport,which is just a kilometreês bus ride away from central Kyoto.

How to reach Kyoto by flight

The Kansai and Osaka International Airports have many worldwide airline operations, particularly AirAsia.

How to reach Kyoto by road

Cars can be used, but most of Kyotoês roads are pedestrian and bicycle-friendly, so it is recommended to either walk, cycle, or take the bus around Kyoto.

How to reach Kyoto by train

By local trains, the one way trip from Tokyo to Kyoto takes about nine hours and typically involves about four transfers of trains.

How to reach Kyoto by bus

Kyoto boasts of a dense bus network, which seamlessly connects every tourist destination together. Tourists may procure the Kyoto One Day Bus Card or the Kyoto One Day Card (approximately JPY 600) that will make bus rides more convenient.

Local transport in Kyoto

Kyoto has a relatively underdeveloped public transport system, which opens other avenues for citizens to get around this city- walking and cycling. Kyoto is one of the most bicycle-friendly areas around Japan,and it is recommended, for most of the streets are rectangular and sharp-cornered, which renders cabs and buses unable to explore the deeper pockets of Kyoto. However, to travel around the main areas, buses and subways are better, even if they are convoluted and confused. Tourists may procure the one-day bus pass for free travel within 24 hours around the city. These passes can also be obtained for the subway and railways.

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