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The food in Kutch is mainly vegetarian, given a dominating influence of Jainism and Brahmanism, both of which follow strict vegetarianism and often avoid garlic, potatoes, yam and onion too. A local delicacy in the area is Bajra na Rotla which is usually accompanied by, like almost every other meal in the district, a refreshing glassful of Lassi, Chaas or Buttermilk. You can also relish a typical Gujarati Thali which would consist of Roti, Dal or Kadhi, Curd , Rice and Vegetable Curries The other Gujarati savouries that one cannot miss include Chakri, Dhokla, Papad, Kachumbar, Khakra, Fafda, Sev, Khandvi and Khaman. Most of these are dry snacks and are ideal while traveling or for taking some home. Along with these try traditional Gujarati sweets such as Ghevar, Malpua, Basundi and much more.
Try Kutchi dabeli or Double Roti (A snack made by creating a mixture of boiled potatoes, a special dabeli masala and stuffing on a pav and served with a special chutney). Alcohol is not available here since Gujarat is a dry state.

Here are the top 6 restaurants in Kutch:

1. Jesal

Prince Hotel, Station Road, Bhuj 
Indian, Chinese
7AM-3PM & 7-11PM
INR 200

2. Green Rock Restaurant

Near.S.T. Bus Station, Chhathi Bari, Ring Road,Old Dhatia Falia,Bhuj, Gujarat 370001 
11AM-3PM & 7-10.30PM
INR 400

3. Noorani Mahal

Near Memon Musafir Khana Old Railway Station Rd,Old Dhatia Falia,Bhuj, Gujarat 370001 
11AM-3:30PM & 6:30PM-11PM
INR 400

4. Zorba the Buddha

1st Floor, Osho Hotel, Bhid Gate, Mandvi, India 
11:45AM-3PM & 7PM-9PM
INR 500

5. Gabha's Roti

Near Mochi Bazar or Swaminarayan Road 
11AM-1.30PM & 6-8.30PM (Sunday Closed)
INR 15-30

6. Neelam Restaurant

State Highway 45, Next to Hotel KBN, Bhuj, India 
11AM-3PM & 7-11PM
INR 60-115

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