The Ideal Itinerary To Seize The Rann Utsav In 4 Days!

Apart from the natural beauty of Gujarat's Rann of Kutch, the inhabitants have set-up a Rann Utsav, something that every Indian should experience to identify the true culture and traditions of the West. A renowned landmark of the Rann land, the Utsav has sincerely earned its popularity to exciting activities put up during the festivity. To witness the Utsav, spending only a day would mean missing out on almost all the splendor of the festivity. To witness the Utsav in all its glory, a four-day tour is a must! 

Wondering how to plan your trip for the Rann Utsav along with a city tour? We have it sorted for you. Here's a 4-day itinerary to this winter rendezvous! Plan your trip anytime between the 28th of October 2019 to the 23rd of February, 2020 to enjoy this year's Rann Utsav! 

Day 1


Grace Yourself At An Ethnic Tent/Resort In Dhordo Along With A Wholesome Breakfast

Being held in the Dhordo village of Kutch, the Utsav is lined-up with ethnic tents that have just the right amenities for you to live in the midst of the desert region. It's best to accommodate yourself in a tent to enjoy the festival in its rustic sense. Dig into your welcome breakfast in the most atypical Gujarati style! 

Head To The Exhibition Center In Your Vicinity

Kick-off your first tour in the Utsav with the exhibition center. With all things exciting, the exhibition center has an array of paintings, artifacts, and subcultural items reflecting on the ethnicity and native traditions of Gujarat! You'll get a better understanding of the lifestyle and ethnicity of the land of legends! 


Relish A Traditional Lunch At The Massive Utsav Dining Hall

With two massive dining halls placed alongside each other, choose the one you want to eat in. Enjoy the hefty meal and keep going for more until you're satisfied with everything you've downed with n-number of glasses of Milk Chaas! From Undhiyu, Khaman to jalebi fafda, you'll not be missing out on any Gujarati delicacy! The Utsav sure promises eating at its best! 

Walk Down Across The Tented Areas (helps digestion too)

Take it easy for the first leg of your tour. Walk around the tent areas. See the men and women hustling around for the evening preparations. Maybe give them a helping hand along your stroll. Turn a spectator to all the happenings around and immerse in the pleasant festive vibe!  


Witness The Music Carnival And Warm Up At The Campfire

Evenings are filled with musical galas and ethnic melodies. Humm along with the melodious singers, learn the traditional songs and take back some colloquial tunes of Gujarat from the festival. The chilly weather will need some heating up too! Warm yourself round the campfire zone and get back to all the merrymaking around! 

Munch Around The Utsav Food Corners

Along with dining tents, there are food corners serving delicious finger foods and nibbles to munch on the go. Get something made for yourself, take it back to the musical area and sit there and eat along the euphoniums until you call it a night! 

Day 2


Rise Early and Take A Camel Ride Through The Desert 

Brace for an adventurous camel ride! Quite a number of camel operators are stationed around the Utsav region to take you on a thrilling camel safari. Hi on the camelback, put on your warmers and maybe witness the sunrise along the desert horizons. The silhouettes add to the beauty of dawn, making it so picturesque that you'll want to eternally freeze the moment. 

Gorge On A Comforting Breakfast 

A nice camel ride will get you starving for a bit so you know where to hop back for your meals. Sit, eat and rejoice to the Gujarati Staples until you satiate your taste-buds with it! 


Spend The Afternoon Shopping From The Local Art and Handicraft Bazaar

Who doesn't like a little retail therapy, especially at an Utsav like this? An artifact bazaar is set up, especially for tourists to lay their hands on the local miniature effigies and handicrafts of Gujarat. You would definitely want to buy some gifts for your family and friends back at home from this art bazaar. 

Indulge In The Typical Gujrati Delicacy At The Utsav

Redo what you've been doing since your first meal, hogg on those exquisite delicacies! Trust us, you're not going to get enough of it! But don't worry, they have other varieties too! 


Head To A Handcrafted Textile Workshop In The Nearby Khavda Village

Migrate to the nearby Khandwa village to take back some Gujarati wisdom with you. Since Gujarat is the land of textiles, a little knowledge of their clothes and fashion would be an enlightening task. Learn about what makes textiles so popular, learn the unconventional weaving techniques and hone your knowledge about garments. 

Join The Traditional Dancers At The Folk Show And Then Head For Dinner 

After a fun workshop, return to the Utsav zone and wind up your day with a few folk dance performances by local dancers, shaking a leg to the ethnic sounds of the land. They perform a few daredevil activities which will stun you to glory too! Be a sport and dance along with them before you bookend your day with this entertaining night! Head for dinner before returning to your abode. 

Day 3 


Venture Into An Early Morning Desert Safari On The DPV Jeep

There's no better way to start your last day at the Rann Utsav with a rugged DPV jeep ride! Meandering through the desert roads, you'll be marveling at the far off vistas of this legendary land, en route your intense ride! Some serious adrenaline rush during the ride will pump you up for the day! 

Enjoy Some Delicious Breakfast At The Rann Utsav

With a heavy heart, you'll be eating your last breakfast at the hospitable Utsav. As much as you're going to miss the Gujarati khakras and theplas, you're going to remember the smiling faces serving you at the Utsav with utmost grace and warmth! 


Shop For Souvenirs And Gorge Into Some Finger Food

Pick out your last-minute souvenirs and roam about eating munchies and appetizers to gear up for all the further activities lined-up for the day. Make sure you shop your stash of Gujarati khakhras with umpteen varieties and other dry snacks because you're going to be terribly missing the khakhras you've been chomping off all along the Utsav! 

Head Out For A Memorable Hot Air Balloon Ride 

The pride of the Utsav, the hot air balloon ride is the crowned glory of the festival topping off as the prime attraction of the Utsav. Hop onto the wicker basket for a lighter-than-air aircraft experience, keep your cameras handy and venture into the sky. The ride over the desert is surely an exhilarating one. It's going to be the highlight of the Utsav! 


Relax At The Spa Or Meditate At The Meditation Center

After a few days of hustling around, an unwinding session is much needed. Now it's up to you if you would like to soak yourself in the chants of the meditation room and flex your muscles for a bit or you want to ease your nerves with a delightful massage in the spa room, either which are going to be tranquilizing. 

Desert Camp At The Utsav And Dig Into Some Gujarati Thali

On the last leg of the Utsav, chilling by the campsite is the most ideal way to epilogue your Rann Utsav tour. Jam along with the fellow tourists, play a few games and recapitulate all your amazing experiences and memories that you're taking back. Dig into a gamut of varieties and eat like royalty off the luxuriating Gujarati Thali. End your day with a dash of indulgence! 

Day 4


Head Out To Kalo Dungar & Dattatreya Temple

A little sightseeing of the Rann of Kutch is important since you've come all the way here. Rise early and drive to The Kalo Dungar. Being the highest peak in the Kutch area, it the perfect spot to catch sight of the whole of Rann with a panoramic view. The Dungar is known for the famous Dattatreya Temple, which is of immense significance because of the folklore attached to it.

Have A Delectable Breakfast At Desert King Resort 

Breakfast at the Desert King Resort is sure to be an offbeat experience. Seated in an earthy restaurant, you'll be nestled in a very cost but warm hut and you'll be digging into the most delicious meal after the Rann Utsav. The Chaas served in earthen pots will delight you to the core. You can't help but reorder the dishes at the resort restaurant. Pocket-friendly and appetizing, it's going to pump you up for the day! 
Location: Hodka Village, Kutch India


Take A Historical Dive At The Kutch Museum

The most ancient museum of Gujarat, the Kutch Museum boasts of its collection of notable and extinct Kutchi Script and ancient coins. Tribal artifacts being the major highlight of the museum, other objects on display include exhibits of embroidery, paintings, arms, musical instruments, sculpture and precious metalwork.
Address: Opposite Hamirsar lake, Ghanshyam Nagar, Bhuj, Gujarat 370001

Stop For Lunch At Viram Garden Restaurant 

Extremely economical, you'll be devouring a great lunch at the Viram Garden Restaurant. Serving Chinese, Punjabi, and even traditional Rajasthani cuisines, the meals are super appetizing, healthy and delicious. The ambiance is also a cozy one! If you're visiting the restaurant on a special occasion, don't forget to dig into their special day meals.  
Address: Town Hall Compound, NearJubilee Circle, Gujarat 370001
Cost for two: INR 600 


Revel At The Mandvi Beach Sunset

You sure are craving for a diverse landscape apart from the desert by now! So it's ideal to head to Mandvi Beach. One of the most serene beaches on the Northwestern shore of Kutch, it makes for the perfect destination to come and relax during winter mornings and dip your feet in the cool waters of the sea. 

Pamper Yourself To An Italian Treat For Supper At Dunes Near The Beach

Serving Italians and Chinese indulgences, Dunes is one of the finest restaurants you'll find in the vicinity of Mandvi. Satiating food accompanied by a magnificent sea view will be a nice way to wind up your trip as a whole! The classy ambiance, the unforgettable Italian and a nice family meal off the beach will make the last moments in Kutch a memorable one. 
Address: Near Shyamji Krishna Varma Ashram, Border Line, Salaya Maska Road, Kutch, Mandvi, Gujarat 370465
Cost for two: INR 800
The best way to make the most of the Utsav also includes witnessing Kutch in its entirety. The white desert region promises a charming and exhilarating experience with the enjoyable Utsav. It's the best that could've happened to the Rann of March region. Boosting tourism like no other, the Utsav has recently become a cynosure to draw tourists from all over the world to witness this worthy festival! 

Have you been to the Rann Utsav? Are you planning to, this season? Let us know your reviews in the comments below!

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