What is the best time to visit Kota?

The best time to visit Kota is during the months of October to March. Kota has a semi arid climate with high temperatures throughout the year. Summers are long, hot and dry, starting in late March and lasting through the end of June. The monsoon season follows, with comparatively lower temperatures, but higher humidity and frequent, torrential downpours. The monsoons subside in October and temperatures rise again. The brief mild winter starts in late November and lasts until the last week of February. Temperatures hover between 26.7 degrees Celcius (max) to 12 degrees Celcius (min). This can be considered the best time to visit Kota, given its unforgiving summers.

Weather in Kota


Upcoming Kota Weather

Monthly Weather in Kota

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 23°/ 9° 0 days
February 28°/ 11° 1 days
March 31°/ 16° 1 days
April 38°/ 22° 1 days
May 41°/ 27° 0 days
June 41°/ 29° 11 days
July 34°/ 26° 18 days
August 30°/ 24° 25 days
September 31°/ 23° 24 days
October 32°/ 21° 2 days
November 30°/ 19° 2 days
December 24°/ 10° 1 days

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Kota in Winter (October - February)

Beginning from October, the winter season is the best time for a visit to Kota. The climate is pleasant, and the winters are mild, with the lowest temperatures going not below 10 degrees Celcius.

Kota in Monsoon (July - September)

Although the monsoon season receives high rainfall, this is not exactly the most advisable season for a visit, owing to torrential downpours. You can get some nice discounts, though.  

Kota in Summer (March - June)

This is the least advisable time for a visit to this destination, with the temperatures ranging between 33 to 49 degrees Celcius. The days are hot and unbearable. This season witnesses little to no travellers for Kota, except those bound for educational purposes.

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