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Kota Barrage, Kota Overview

Kota Barrage is the fourth construction in the Chambal Valley Project over River Chambal. It was built to store the waters stored by the three previous dams of the project Gandhi Sagar Dam, Jawahar Sagar Dam and Rana Pratap Sagar Dam, and then channelize it to the dry areas of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh for irrigation purposes via canals. At present, it helps in agriculture in around 20,000 acres of land. The 19 gate long barrage forms a bridge over River Chambal at Kota, on which people gather to enjoy the fascinating view of frothy white water being thrusting out in full force.

During the monsoon, when the lock gates are opened, it creates a magnificent view with its raging and gushing water. The water roars like the ocean and the sound of it resonate in the entire area. The rumble can be heard from a distance, and the pulse of it can be felt on the bridge as well. The bridge is quite crowded all around the year by onlookers, picnickers and those who halt by to have a look on their way to somewhere else.

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History of Kota Barrage

The Kota Barrage has its roots in scarcity and necessity of water distribution. It was in the 1950s and water was being harnessed at the Gandhi Sagar Dam, Jawahar Sagar Dam and Rana Pratap Sagar Dam - the three dams of Chambal River of Rajasthan, for hydroelectricity. However, the authorities realised that this water was not getting enough channelization and that agriculture in parts of both Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh was suffering because of water scarcity. That is when a barrage was set up in Kota to hold huge amounts of water and further regulating and diverting them to the areas in need of water via canals.

Current Situation of Kota Barrage

After the completion of construction in 1960, the Kota Barrage started discharging water to both the states. According to an agreement, 50% water of Kota Barrage goes to Madhya Pradesh. At present, almost 20,000 acres of land are being benefitted by water irrigated by Kota Barrage, of which 11,300 acres are in Madhya Pradesh.

Things To Do at Kota Barrage

Kota Barrage was certainly not constructed keeping tourism in mind. However, its majestic appeal has turned it into one over the years. The gushing flow of foaming white water is an absolute treat for the eyes from atop the bridge. Visitors flock here to enjoy this majestic scene, especially in monsoon when the gates are all open. The stream of water bursts out in cascades roaring downstream to fill the canals and go ahead to water the agricultural fields of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

The area is characterised by a cool, relaxing breeze because of the proximity of the water. It is one of those places where you can keep quiet and let the place make the noise. Kota Barrage is so loud by itself, thanks to the large mass of water spurting out. The sound reverberates throughout the barrage, causing the bridge to vibrate. Kota Barrage is a favourite evening time gathering. You will find people in couples or groups standing along the railings enjoying the view and spending quality time with their family and loved ones.

Structure of Kota Barrage

Kota Barrage stretches for a catchment area of 27,332 sq. Km in total. The primary support of the barrage is the Jawahar Sagar dam which holds 99 million cubic metres. The concrete spillway leads to a 188 cubic metres discharge capacity canal on the right and a 42 cubic metres one on the left. Like a typical barrage, it obviously serves as a bridge over River Chambal between the two sides. The barrage operates through 19 gates to control the flow of water and regulate it accordingly.

Best Time To Visit Kota Barrage

The Kota Barrage is at its majestic best when the gates are all opened during monsoon.

Tips For Visiting Kota Barrage

1. Do not try to get into the water for fun or bathing. There have been mishaps and even loss of life because of that.
2. Don't lean too much on the railings - stay safe.
3. If you are a tourist, include Kota Barrage as a stop on the way of visiting other attractions. It will save your time.

How To Reach Kota Barrage

Kota Barrage is located within a kilometre of the main Kota city. Cabs and hired cars will easily take you there. It is a much crowded and very popular tourist spot.

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