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Massacre Ghat, Kanpur, Kanpur Overview

Massacre Ghat is a great sightseeing spot and a family hangout area in Kanpur. Located on the banks of the Ganga near Jajmau, this Ghat covers the northern part of Kanpur. Officially named as the Nana Rao Ghat, this place is also known as the Sati Chaura Ghat as it was the very site where women used to perform the terrifying ritual of Sati.

The Massacre Ghat was also a significant maritime route between Kanpur and Allahabad. With the Satya Ashram Mandir built here in 1966, the Ghat used to facilitate bathing during the ancient times as well. This green space of the Massacre Ghat also has a sandpit nearby. Also known as Akhada in the local language, it is a site for local wrestlers. There is also an annual wrestling competition held between July and August.

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The Massacre Ghat History

Apart from being an important river port and grain trading centre, the Massacre Ghat witnessed mass-scaled bloodshed on June 27th, 1857. With over 300 British families brutally killed, the then Sati Chaura Ghat came to be known as the Massacre Ghat. 

Since this gruesome mission was carried out by Peshwa Nana Sahib, it derived the official name of Nan Rao Ghat. However, it is only under General Havelock that this site gained the name of Massacre Ghat.


There are many monkeys here. Hence carry eatables and other essentials in dark coloured or solid, opaque bags.

How To Reach Massacre Ghat, Kanpur

Massacre Ghat can be reached via roadways, railways and airways. Located in the cantonment area on Nathusingh Road, it is about 6 to 7 km from Kanpur city, about a 15-minute drive ahead. The Kanpur Airport on Airforce Lane is around 8 to 10 km from the Ghat and is reachable via a 17 to 20-minute drive.

The Kanpur Railway Station on Havelock Lane is about 4 km from the Ghat and can be reached through a 10-minute drive. Massacre Ghat is approximately 5 to 5.5 km from the Kanpur Interstate Bus Depot, which is a 12 to 15-minute drive away. There is ample parking space at the Ghat.

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