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The leather city of Kanpur, Jajmau is a densely populated industrial suburb famous for its leather production. Also known as Jajesmow, it is regarded as one of the oldest sites in Kanpur to have housed human inhabitation.

Located on the banks of the Ganga, Jajmau is also a popular excavation site. The site is home to the Siddhnath and Sri Devi temples which was the primary reason of its former name, Siddhapuri. A small town of about 30 localities, this region is also mentioned in the stories of Hindu myth. 

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Leather Production in Jajmau

Jajmau is home to several prominent leather industries of the country. Spawning over 15,000 crores of annual revenue, this little leather town plays a prominent role of about 30 per cent of the Indian leather export.

This unbeatable leather industry grew vigorously during colonial India and today, it houses numerous leather tanneries. Currently, there are close to a hundred manufacturers selling all categories of leather products from shoes to bags and furniture. 

Tourist Attractions in Jajmau

  • Jinnaton ki Masjid is an ancient hilltop mosque holding close visual resemblance to the Taj Mahal.
  • Jajmau also has several temples dedicated to Siddhanath and Siddha Devi.
  • There is a tomb from the 1300s close to Tannery Town. This Sufi tomb belongs to Makhdoom Shah Ala-ul-Haq, a prominent Sufi saint of the time. 
  • Lal Bangla is a huge market in Jajmau, with stores spread across 6 sq km.
  • Other popular tourist attractions include Habiba Masjid, Jajmau Tila, Siddhant Ghat and other mosques.

History of Jajmau

The origin of the name ‘Jajmau’ is hard to trace. However, popular opinion believes the town to have a significant link to the British era. The 1957-58 excavations conducted by the Archaeological Survey of India unearthed some intriguing utensils and other lifestyle bits from the 600 to 1600 AD.

These ancient relics now preserved and exhibited at the Kanpur Sangrahalaya. It was gradually found that the site once housed pre-Mauryan residential sections and pottery remains as well. It was further studied that the current town of Jajmau also had a fort by the banks of the Ganga.

Best Time to Visit Jajmau

October and March is the best time to visit Jajmau as it is usually pleasant and makes for a good time to plan a visit. Summers get extremely hot and winters are also quite warm. The peak winter months of December and January are known to experience heavy fog. Monsoons here begin in July and go on till September.

How To Reach Jajmau

The town of Jajmau can be accessed via road, trains and fights. Located about 10 km from Kanpur city, Jajmau can be reached via a 15 to 30-minute drive. The Kanpur Airport on Airforce Lane is about 4 km from Jajmau and can be reached via a 10-minute drive or a long 40-minute walk.

The nearest bus stop to the town is the Lal Bangla bus station which is just about 2 km from Jajmau. The Chakeri Railway Station and Kanpur Central Railway Station are located about 7 km from Jajmau. They can be accessed through a 15-minute drive each. 

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