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Brahmavart Ghat, Kanpur Overview

Located in the Bithoor town of Kanpur, Brahmavart Ghat is the holiest of holy ghats dedicated to the Hindu deity, Brahma. After a ritual bath devotees gather at the altar called the Wooden Slipper to offer prayers.

Apart from being a place of religious prominence, Brahmavart Ghat is also growing as a tourist destination and family picnic spot. Besides being a great sunrise viewpoint, river Ganga also avails affordable boat riding facilities as well.

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How To Reach Brahmavart Ghat

Brahmavart Ghat is located on the banks of River Ganga, in Bithoor town. The nearest airport is in Chakeri, at a distance of 45 km. The nearest major railway station is the Kanpur Central Railway station, at a distance of 23 km.

It is well connected by road as well. The most convenient way to reach Brahmavart Ghat would be by taking a private taxi. There are no government buses plying on this route.

Legend of the Ghat

Believed to have lived here, Lord Brahma is said to have installed a Shiva linga here that is presently worshipped as Brahmeshwar Mahadeva. The horseshoe nail embedded in the Ghat steps is an object of extreme reverence for the Brahma devotees.

It is believed that this nail belonged to Lord Brahma's horse while they were on the way to the Ashvamedha Yajna. According to Hindu mythology, Brahmavart Ghat is also regarded as the spot where Lord Brahma started mankind. Hence, it is a place of utmost religious and sacred values.

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