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Valmiki Ashram, Kanpur Overview

Valmiki Ashram is a hilltop holy site located in Bitoor, Kanpur. It is believed to be the place where the saint Valmiki wrote the Ramayana. Covering an expanse of vast land, the Valmiki Ashram encompasses three temples and a pond. 

It is also said that this was once the Hindu goddess, Sita's residence during her exile. A considerable part of the famous Indian epic and Hindu mythology, Ramayana is based on this place. The architecture of the place is pretty simple and is surrounded by greenery all around.

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History of Valmiki Ashram

Valmiki Ashram is believed to have been the home of Sita during her exile when she gave birth to twins, Luv and Kush. According to the Ramayana, this was the childhood site of these twins, where they learnt varied skills. 

The children had also captured Lord Hanuman and invited Lord Ram into this very ashram. There is also a story of Sita's disappearance into the Earth, into a place called the Sita Patal Parvesh when Lord Ram invited her back to the kingdom. 

Architecture of Valmiki Ashram

There are three temples within this ashram, one of which has an idol of Maharishi Valmiki. Another significant place in the ashram is the Sita Kund, a pond which is believed to have been the source of water for the people who lived in that ashram.

The ashram is located in a little higher part of the hillock, which is led by 48 stairs. These stairs are popularly called as the stairway to heaven. A viewpoint from this particular place gives the field of vision of the entire city.

Best Time to Visit

July and December is the best time to visit the Valmiki Ashram, as the weather is neither too cold and not too hot. It is pleasant and welcoming. Summers in Kanpur can get uncomfortable and the general climate in Bithoor is warm. 

How To Reach Valmiki Ashram

The ashram is located in the heart of the city and is easy to reach and locate. It is about 24 kilometres from Kanpur with frequent availability of local transportation for the commute.

The nearest airport is the Kanpur Airport, located 42 kilometres from the ashram. The railway station in Bithoor is the closest, which is barely a kilometre away. Autos, buses, taxis and local trains are available to shuttle within the city and to other nearby cities.

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