How To Reach Johor Bahru

How to Reach Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru is served by the Senai International Airport which is connected through Skudai Highway. The main bus terminal is the Larkin Sentral, located 5km away from the city centre. As Johor Bahru borders Singapore, there are multiple modes of transport available to travel between the two places.

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How to reach Johor Bahru by flight

Johor Bahru is served by the Senai International Airport, located almost 32km away. It is linked to the city centre with regular shuttle buses.

How to reach Johor Bahru by road

Johor Bahru's long-distance taxi station is the Larkin Sentral, located 5km north of the city. You can easily find licensed taxis to Singapore for around RM80.

How to reach Johor Bahru by train

Daily train services run between Johor Bahru and KTM Intercity in Kuala Lumpur. JB Sentral station is the main railway station serving the city. Even though this is one of the costlier methods of reaching Johor Bahru, a lot of the tourists opt for it because of the scenic view along the way. 

How to reach Johor Bahru by bus

The main bus terminal of Johor Bahru, Larkin Sentral is located in Larkin. It has direct bus services to and from many destinations in West Malaysia, southern Thailand, and Singapore.

Local transport in Johor Bahru

The most convenient way to travel around Johor Bahru is through bus, car and taxi.

Bus: Buses are easily available around town with several stops dotted across the city. The most convenient bus stop is the Jln Wong Ah Fook. 

Taxi: Two types of taxis operate in Johor Bahru. The main taxis, either in red and yellow, blue, green or red and the limousine taxis which are larger, less common but more expensive and comfortable. Taxis here do not make use of meters, and hence you will have to decide on a fare before you get into one. 

Car: You can also make use of rental cars to get around in Johor Bahru. It also provides for Uber services that are cheaper and comfortable than taxis.

Johor Bahru Photos

Johor Bahru
Royal Abu Bakar Museum, Istana Besar
Perspective View of Sultan Ibrahim Building
Merry go Round at Danga Bay Recreational Park

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