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"Unravel the Chisel Stone Mystery"

Batu Pahat Tourism

Just ahead the royal city of Muar lies the town of Batu Pahat which is the capital of Batu Pahat District of Malaysia. Batu Pahat is a family place and perfect for weekend relaxation from nearby cities of Kluang and Muar. 

You can visit the famous Dataran Penggaram with its stone, chisel and hammer which represents the epistemological meaning of the term Batu Pahat meaning stone-chisel. Menyak Beku Seaside is another unmissable place to visit in Batu Pahat with its legendary view of the lighthouse by the sea. It is the perfect place to watch the tranquil red-orange sunset. Menyak Beku is also noticeable for its historically significant well which has several mysterious stories attached to it. Lover’s bridge is also a renown place for breathtaking yon orange sunsets and an ultimate spot for photography. People also visit lover’s bridge for star gazing as you can marvel at the clear sight of twinkling stars and have a soothing night.

Nasi Biryani is the most famous dish of Batu Pahat. It is believed that Nasi Bairyani originated in Batu Pahat and there are shops selling Bairyani in every nook and corner of the city. Night Markets referred to as Pasar Malam are the highlight of Batu Pahat. They take place at different places everyday. 

Things to do in Batu Pahat

1. Chong Long Gong Temple

Chong Long Gong Temple
Chong Long Gong Temple is a Chinese Temple that is situated in the fishing village of Segenting, a small town in Minyak Beku. The main attraction is the deity of Fu De Zheng God or Tua Pek Kong. (Read More)Other deities worshipped here are the Nezha , The Marshal of Central Altar, Dragon Sea Emperor and God of Fortune. It also claims to house the legendary fortune fish , the humongous six feet long Arapaima that claims to bring good fortune to those who are able to touch it (fish stroking). 

2. Pantai Minyak Beku

Pantai Minyak Beku
Pantai Minyak Beku also known as the ‘frozen oil village’ is a beach situated in the Batu Pahat. The beach offers a serene and peaceful ambience. It is a beautiful picnic spot to enjo (Read More)y a leisure day with friends and family. There is a temple at a walking distance from the beach located in a cave. Swimming should be avoided at this beach.

3. Soga Perdana Amenity Forest

Soga Perdana Amenity Forest
Referred to as ‘Tarzan Valley‘ by the locals and ‘Hutan Lipur’ more popularly, the forest holds a huge range of exquisite flora and fauna along with some waterfalls. It is a po (Read More)pular hiking spot. It is advisable to travel here with a local guide so that it is easier to locate the area. The climb is high and to ease it,there is a seating arrangement. It takes about 20-30 minutes to reach the top.

4. Square One Mall

Square One Mall
Square One Mall in Batu Pahat is one of the most happening shopping centres. It‘s anchor tentant is Parkson Departmental Store. It also hosts MBO cinemas (it accommodates families who have small (Read More) children) on the 2nd level. It also has quite a number of food outlets including Sushi Mentai , Pizza Hut and KFC. 

5. Lover's Bridge

Lover's Bridge
Lover's Bridge is jetty that extends out to the sea. It is located in Segenting, a small town in the district of Minyak Beku in Johor, Malaysia, overseeing the River Perak. It is a popular sunset view (Read More)ing spot. The jetty resides some small local places selling Malaysian Souvenirs and food stalls that sell items like dried prawns, seafood etc.

6. Old Street Batu Pahat

Old Street Batu Pahat
Old Street is a commercial centre located in Batu Pahat that is situated as a junction node between Jalan Kluang- Taman Sri Jaya -Jalan Parit Besar that is also considered to be the ‘Golden Tria (Read More)ngle’. It has a very contemporary and strategic design based to be the eyecatcher of Batu Pahat in the recent times. It has a sky walk for the visitors to provide optimal comfort and access in between two shopping blocks. It has plethora of shopping sites and multiple outlets of cafes , roof gardens restaurants , souvenir shops, salons , fitness centres and fashion etc.

7. DIY Playground

 DIY Playground
The DIY ( DO-IT-YOURSELF) playground in Batu Pahat is a small park that is completely made by recyclable materials. The playground was built by an old man who was featured in multiple media platforms (Read More)for turning throwaway items and junk into an enjoyable experience. Structures like the flying fox, go carts, pirate ships and swings and slides are some of the major attractions for the children. A weekend art market and festival in June – August is hosted here.

8. Penggaram Square

Penggaram Square
Penggaram Square is the town square of Dataran Penggaram and one of the most important historical sites in Batu Pahat. It marks the name of the town of Batu Pahat. The town square hosts all the import (Read More)ant festivals including National Day, Chinese New Year and Hari Raya. On regular days, it is the fun gathering spot for locals and tourists. 

9. Uncle Lim's Farm

Uncle Lim's Farm
Uncle Lim's Farm in Batu Pahat is run by Uncle Lim who owns a 2 acre land that couldn’t be more close to the nature’s heaven as has a rich variety of greens to look at whilst being in the (Read More)middle of the main agricultural land itself. He opened it to the general public about a three years back and hence has gathered quite the attraction.

10. Street Art Murals

Street Art Murals
Street Mural Art in Batu Pahat is quite the unconventional tourist attraction. This fresco activity was started by a group of young adults interested in making Batu Pahat a hub for art, culture and fr (Read More)eestyle.These hidden gems are present around the streets of Batu Pahat and features mostly the regular lives in Malaysian culture and awareness about the environment.

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Food in Batu Pahat

You must pay a visit and try the famous Akbar Cendol which has delicious Cendols that help you beat Batu Pahat’s heat. It is an iced dessert with coconut milk, palm sugar syrup and green rice flour jelly. Mee Rojak is another locally famous dish of Batu Pahat with yellow noodles in Rojak Sauce. Another must have snack is that of Pisang Goreng which is basically banana slices covered in batter and deep fried. 

Shopping in Batu Pahat

Night Markets referred to as Pasar Malam are the highlight of Batu Pahat. They take place at different places everyday. Monday at Taman Bukit Pasir, Tuesdays at Taman Soga, Wednesdays at Taman Bukit Perdana, Thursdays at Jalan Omar, Fridays at Taman Sri Jaya, Saturdays at Kampung Kenangan Dato Onn and Sundays at Taman Nira. You can shop for clothes, foods, souvenirs and accessories and don't forget to bargain! The summit Batu Pahat, Batu Pahat Mall and and Square One Shopping Mall are among the most favourite spots for shopping.

Need to Know

You will need help from local people if you go for a trek as there are hardly any signboards on hiking and trekking trails in Batu Pahat. WiFi is available widely in and around Batu Pahat. Most of the hotels, restaurants and tourist spots have complimentary wifi. There are few ATMs in Batu Pahat. Only a few restaurants and cafes accept online payment. Always have cash when you travel around Batu Pahat as most payments are done in cash.

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