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Kemenangan Market, Jakarta Overview

Petak Sembilan is a vibrant street market located in Glodok, Jakarta’s own Chinatown. Also known as Pasar Kemenangan, it is a renowned street market where one can find a plethora of authentic Chinese products like flying lanterns and delicious Chinese cuisines like salted cuttlefish and fried tofu. The area is lined with houses that have the eye-catching, red-tiled roofs, set along the narrow streets. Take a stroll through the Petak Sembilan to experience the daily life of the locals at this authentic Indonesian marketplace, finding exotic products like skinned frogs, turtles and bugs.

The Kemenangan street market is a shopper’s delight and a must-visit attraction for foodies. From fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood to authentic Chinese products, there are plenty of things to explore at Petak Sembilan. The bustling and narrow streets are filled with food stalls and shops and surrounded by historically-significant ancient temples and traditional Chinese architecture. Located in Chinatown, this street market offers a glimpse of the unique food scene in the country. Visit Petak Sembilan for a culinary and visual treat and discover Indonesia’s cultural mix.

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Shopping at Petak Sembilan

Kemenangan Market is a shopping haven where one can find a huge collection of products. Whether looking for Chinese medicine or textile items, this is a perfect destination for shopping for local goods. Some of the most amazing items worth the splurge at Petak Sembilan are decorative items for Imlek, gold paper, incense sticks, and hand-crafted lanterns. During Chinese New Year, Petak Sembilan brims with shops and stalls selling an incredible array of products for the celebration. Items like authentic hand-crafted Chinese lanterns can be found in plenty during this time of the year.

Food at Pasar Kemenangan

Go for a culinary tour in Petak Sembilan that is famous all over the world for its mouth-watering dishes. Some of the must-try dishes at Petak Sembilan are Rujak Juhi and Rujak Shanghai. Rujak Juhi is a dish made with salted cuttlefish, potatoes, and peanuts sauce. Rujak Shanghai is boiled octopus served with sea cucumber and vegetables. Aside from that, bugs and frogs are also sold in the market. Try out the unique dishes at Petak Sembilan to tickle your tastebuds and for a one-of-a-kind experience. The market is also popular for dried plums and gold chocolate coins.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Petak Sembilan is during the early hours of the morning to get fresh flowers, fruits, and other food items in the market. In the morning the street vendors often offer discounted rates to jumpstart their sales for the day. While, the Petak Sembilan is open all year long, visiting it during the Chinese New Year also referred to as Chinese Lunar month is the best way to experience the local culture.

How To Reach Petak Sembilan

Petak Sembilan is well connected by train and bus with the rest of the city. Jakarta’s pink and red train lines make a stop near the market. The closest train station to Petak Sembilan is Jalan Kemenangan 1, located approximately 100 meters away from the area. Other train stations near Petak Sembilan are Jalan Keadilan, Jalan Kemenangan 2, and Jalan Tambora. If opting for a bus ride, then take any of these buses to reach Petak Sembilan: 1A, B02, M08. Alternatively, hire a private taxi from any part of Jakarta to travel to Petak Sembilan.

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