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Anak Krakatau Nature Reserve, Jakarta Overview

One of the most striking and photogenic places in Indonesia, Anak Krakatau Nature Reserve features the Krakatoa volcano on an island with a black sand beach. It is a 2-hour drive from Jakarta to Carita Beach and then just over 1 hour in a speedboat to get to Anak Krakatau Island. One lands on the black sand beach and after a little walk through the shrubs, it is an easy climb till the permissible point of the volcano. Visitors enjoy the thrilling adventure of climbing the volcanic mountain. However, it is only allowed to hike till a certain height because the height grows 20 feet a year which mean that lava gets spewed out regularly and strolling anywhere near the peak can be dangerous.

The volcanic mountain has different colours, shapes and textures of rocks present at different heights and as one ascends further it becomes rockier. So it is advised to wear trainers and strong durable footwear and carry a lot of water. The highest safest point offers splendid views of the Island and around. The volcano is really active and unique and the tourists regularly spot yellow and green sulphur gas coming out of it, a truly aesthetic and picturesque view.

Some visitors also plan a picnic on the beach while curious travellers enjoy a visit to the nearby villages in traditional boats and find out about the life of the villagers. A new lighthouse which was constructed farther from shore after the old one near the volcano was destroyed in the cataclysm, also attracts tourists. Some also enjoy a dip in the water, however, one has to be careful with the jellyfish present inside the water and the fact that the water on the foot of the volcano is quite hot.

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These islands are the remains of a single island and mountain and were formed due to one of the biggest explosions that have taken place in the world ever. The eruption of Krakatoa in Indonesia began in the afternoon of August 26, 1883, and by the 27th of August, two-thirds of Krakatau had collapsed in a chain of huge explosions and tsunamis caused by the explosions. It destroyed most of the island, its fauna and claimed as many as 36000 lives, making it one of the deadliest and most destructive volcanoes. Significant effects were also felt around the world. 

Flora and Fauna

The fauna and flora on the island is quite fascinating.  Visitors often spot a pod of dolphins en route to the islands, flying fish around the islands, several species of crabs, Java sea eagle, butterflies and monitor lizards. One can see the fish poison tree nut on the beach and vines in the forested area. One will also notice white streaks in the water which are due to the presence of bioluminescent phytoplankton. A really fascinating place indeed.

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