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Best Time to Visit : February - March

Ideal Duration : 5 Days

Organised By : The Tourism Department of Andhra Pradesh

Deccan Festival, Hyderabad Overview

Deccan Festival is an annual celebration in Hyderabad that goes on for a span of 5 days. It is also known as the Hyderabad festival and is known to be celebrated in an extravagant fashion.

Organised by the tourism department of Andhra Pradesh, this festival brings together people from all over the state where they participate in the various organised activities.

Filled with colours, music and fairs, it is a massive celebration that brings out the culture of this city. From Gazal nights to qawwalis, the old tradition of this city shines in these five days.

One of the most sought after events held in Hyderabad, exciting cultural activities like mushairas and qawwalis, leads to a massive attendance at the Deccan Festival. The fair of Pearls and Bangles is another major attraction at this festival.


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Deccan Festival
Deccan Festival
Deccan Festival
Deccan Festival

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Deccan Festival - Events and Celebrations

This five-day event has turned out to be a great platform to present beautiful forms of art, culture and the various delicious culinary skills. Musicians and artists from all over the world come to the city to showcase their talents at this festival. All nights are heavily filled with a variety of ghazals, qawwalis, poetry and many such performances. 
Bangles and Pearls Shopping

One of the major attractions of this amazing Deccan Festival is fair. The Pearl and Bangle fair that includes the display and sale of shining and elegant jewellery. Hyderabad is famous for its pearls, the richness of which is evident during this festival. Beautiful necklaces and pearl-studded bangles will fill your hearts with joy.

If jewellery is not your thing, not to worry because the food is always your safety net. The city is known for its Nawabi cuisine among other favourite dishes from all over Andhra Pradesh. Indulge in the various dishes available at the food fair and eat to your heart’s content.

Dates For Deccan Festival

The amazing Deccan festival is celebrated from February 25th - March 1st of every year. Starting on February 25th till March 1st, this festival goes on for five days straight.

Venue of Deccan Festival

The venue for this celebration is the Qutub Shahi Tombs, Hyderabad.

How to Reach

The Deccan festival is celebrated in one of a well-connected city of Hyderabad situated in Andhra Pradesh. You can reach the city by air, train or road. The nearest airport is the Begumpet Airport which is also five km away from Secunderabad Railway Station. From there it will be easy to hire a taxi to your destination. The intercity connections are also well developed by the bus and local taxi services available for us.
How to Reach
The Deccan festival is a complete package and is a must-go if you want to witness the rich culture of this city. It is a great place to enjoy the art, literature and culture with something for everyone to indulge in. To spend your time being a part of this fascinating culture, be at this festival in February every year.

Where to stay

People from all over the country come to this festival. Therefore it is recommended to book your rooms on time for when you visit. For a comfortable stay, there are some hotels and bungalows one can book in advance.

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