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Timings : 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Time Required : 5-6 Hours

Entry Fee : Adults: INR 770,
Child/ Defence/Senior Citizens: INR 620,
Kids: INR 150

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Wonderla, Hyderabad Overview

Among all the lovely attractions in and around the city of Hyderabad, Wonderla Amusement Park is the most exciting one, with its loud and cheerful atmosphere and mind-boggling opportunities to spend an entire day with your family and friends.

There is something for everyone at Wonderla - there are water pools for those who are looking for some relaxation under the sun, there are exhilarating, and adrenaline-pumping rides for those looking for adventure and there are rides for casual fun and frolic as well. 

Wonderla also offers many public conveniences so that the visitors do not face any trouble, be it monetary, health or information-wise. There are enough food stalls to enjoy a proper meal and souvenir shops to take home something to remember the day.

Wonderla is such a place where you can enjoy equally irrespective of your company. Whether you come with your friends or family, the experience remains the same. It is also quite safe for the elderly and small children. People visit the park from all around the city as well as those who are in Hyderabad for a trip to enjoy Wonderla Amusement Park.

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Wonderla Hyderabad Rides

Land Rides
Other than the usual amusement rides like pirate ships, bumping cars and termite trains, Wonderla also has some individual rides for which it is known.

1. The Sky Wheel: Atop a 443 metres tall building, the giant Ferris wheel that goes by the name Sky Wheel is one of the park's main attractions. 80 metres high itself, it is the second tallest one in India after the Delhi Eye. The exciting ride doesn't only give the visitors a captivating view of the entire amusement park but also a bird's eye vision of the whole city of Hyderabad.  
2. Mission Interstellar: This ride incorporates scientific facts with virtual reality as it takes you on an enriching experience of space travel. You get your own capsule and navigation screen and get to call your own shots as the 4K laser projections take you on an almost-real ride to the stars.
3. Wonder Splash: It might sound like any other water coaster, but it is much more fun and exciting because of the wooden raft-like look of the coach which makes you feel like you are hurtling down an actual waterfall at breakneck speed.
Water Rides

Wonderla has many water rides as well, some adventurous and some for relaxation.

1. Wave pools and sea lagoons: Wave pools and sea lagoons let you experience the kind of waves that you can only find at a beach. You can enjoy splashing and splurging in these with your friends and family as long as you want and get taken by surprise by the occasional waves.
2. Uphill racers: Uphill racers will have you rested on a rubber plank which will go up and down a couple of times before finally landing you in a pool of water.
3. Drop and Tornado: You are taken through a long winding tube that twists and turns multiple times, and finally drops you in a shallow pool, thus doing justice to its name.

High-thrill rides
These rides are the best ways to pump up your adrenaline and have a bit of extreme adventure, all in the safety of Wonderla amusement park. Wonderla has six high thrill rides - Recoil, Maverick, Equinox, Techno Jump, Twin Flip T Rex and Space Jam.
Recoil is known to be India's first reverse looping roller coaster ride. All of these rides incite the adrenaline factor with its sudden jerks and drops, high speed and unpredictability.

Kid's rides
True to its primary clientele, the amusement park has many rides dedicated solely to the kids as well. A mini pirate ship, Kiddies Wheel, Circus Train and Flying Jumbo are some of them, with the main attraction being the evergreen carousel where even parents can accompany the kids. All these rides are bright, colourful and fun and have the right level of thrill suitable for the kids.

Wonderla Hyderabad Ticket Price

There are two kinds of tickets at Wonderla. One is the regular one; other is the Fastrack ticket with which you can jump the queue three times faster than the regular lines. Each ride has around 1/4th of their entire capacity reserved for Fastrack ticket holders; so with a bit of an extra price, you can enjoy the entire place much quicker and more conveniently. Bot regular and Fastrack tickets have different prices on weekdays and on weekends or holidays. The prices here are excluding the 28% GST [14% CGST & 14% SGST].  Taxes are charged as applicable.

Normal ticket prices
Regular Days
Adults: INR 770
Child/ Defence/Senior Citizens: INR 620
Kids: INR 150

Peak Days
Adults: INR 990
Child/ Defence/Senior Citizens: INR 810
Kids: INR 150

Fastrack ticket prices
Regular Days
Adults: INR 1290
Kids: INR 1025

Peak Days
Adults: INR 1650
Kids: INR 1350

There is a special facility called 'After Hours Entry' but only on the peak days. The fees exclusive of taxes are:
Adults: INR 590
Child/ Defence/ Senior Citizens: INR 490

Extra information
1. If you have purchased Fastrack tickets online, then before going in, you have to take the Fastrack bands from the ticket counter. Without the bands, the entry will not be granted at the rides.
2. If you are to take advantage of the privileges for Defence personnel or Senior Citizen, carry an age proof or proof of employment.
3. The kid's category is based on height and not age. Kids between 75cm and 90 cm height are charged for the rate mentioned for kids. No tickets are required for kids below 75 cm in height.
4. Fastrack tickets are only available for adults and kids.
5. In Fastrack tickets, re-entries are allowed but just after one hour of the previous use.
6. Follow the internationally accepted dress code made of 100% nylon or synthetic material for the water rides. This is for your own safety and hygiene. If such apparel is not there with you, you can hire them from the authority. Ask at the locker room area counter to borrow or purchase one.

Facilities at Wonderla Hyderabad

Wonderla Amusement Park has all the facilities needed like washrooms, changing room for the water park, cloakroom, pay phones, prayer room, first aid and availability of wheelchair/pram and drinking water.
Watersplash Ride
Other than this they have souvenir shops, ATM counters, Lost and Found counter and an additional convenient option of EZ Pay - which is a digital wallet in the form of a wristwatch which you can fill with money at the EZ Pay counter and use it everywhere inside the park from rides to food to souvenirs. Do remember to take the refund of the unused cash before leaving the park.

Tips For Visiting Wonderla

1. People with heart problems, vertigo, asthma and pregnant woman should not try out the rides which have high thrill factors.
2. Wear easy and comfortable clothes. Loose garments like baggy pants, long dresses, dupattas and saris can get stuck in the machinery and cause disaster.
3. Follow the rules set down by the authorities and keep the park clean.

How To Reach Wonderla

Wonderla is located on the ORR Exit No. 13, around 28 km away from the city. It is situated in the Kongara Khurad A Village and takes approximately 1 hour to reach. The water and amusement park also has a free pickup and drop facility available that operate only from two bus stands right now - Turkayamjal on the Nagarjunasagar highway and Tukkuguda on the Srisailam Highway. The pickup facility is available every day from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM while the drop facility is operational from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

The TSRTC buses are also operational to reach Wonderla from various locations in Hyderabad and Secunderabad. The coaches are available on the following route- Jubilee Bus Station, Uppal, Tarnaka, LB Nagar, Ibrahimpatnam, and Charminar.

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