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Feast of Three Kings Church : 6th January every year

Time Required : 2 Hour

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Three Kings Church, Goa Overview

The Three Kings Church is believed to be one of the most haunted places of Goa, known for its mysterious surroundings. Located on the hilltop of the Cuelim hull, the church was built in 1599 by Fr Gonzalo Carvalho S.J. The enchanting location of the church draws many tourists to the Chapel to break away from the monotony of the beach and party life of Goa.

The church is located in Cansaulim and can be reached after a relaxing ride through the lush green Ghats of South Goa. The surroundings of the church offer a sweeping view of the gorgeous vistas all around. The 360 Degree view of the sea, the cool breeze, and uninterrupted greenery make this a place worth visiting. The church is also famous for hosting the Feast of Three Kings Chapel, every year on the January 6th, which commemorates the day of the epiphany of the three kings.

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Haunted Story of Three Kings Church

The legend that goes around the spookiness of this church dates back to the colonial era when the Portuguese empire ruled Goa. As the story goes, this church was ruled by three power-hungry kings who often had disputes regarding the ruling rights over the region. All of them desired to rule alone but could not bring these disputes out in the public due to some limitation of Portuguese Diplomacy.

Tired of the ongoing fights, one of the kings, King Holger Alvunger invited both his brother to supper with a plan. He had poisoned his brother’s food. This was as people claim “Their Last Supper”. As his schemes came out as a success, he declared himself as the sole ruler of the area. However, the public soon got aware of the cunningness of the king and decided to chase him. The king mindful of his fate ate poison and committed suicide.

It is believed that the people buried the bodies of the three kings in the premises of the church. Since then people who have visited the church at late hours have felt a presence in the premises of the building.

Interestingly, the claims of the presence of the spirits have also been supported by the Indian Paranormal society. In fact, the locals advise not to visit the church at late hours of the night of the three king’s feast as they believe that those who do are never seen again.

Why Visit the Three Kings Church?

Being one of the most haunted places of Goa does not make up its grandeur. The church is also considered as one of the most scenic places in Goa which makes it a worth visits especially in monsoons. The small hill brings many tourists for its gorgeous view. As the hill lacks any houses or shops except the chapel, the place is isolated and perfect for a quiet getaway. You can climb the hill and get a marvelous view of the lush greenery the surrounds the regions and the Arabian Sea.

You can also get an awesome view of the sunset on the hill. If you visit the place around 6th January you can also enjoy the feast of the three kings that is celebrated every year. Three locals dress up as the kings and on a horseback go to the hilltop where a fair is held on the church grounds.

Further, if you visit this place early, you may also experience the air force fighter pilots following a certain plan fly over the church such that you can even wave at the pilot. If you are lucky, you may even witness an air roll from them.

Feast of Three Kings Church

The Feast of the Three Kings Church is held every year on 6th of January and it celebrates the day of the epiphany for the historical three kings. The church is host to this feast and revelry, for which three little boys are selected from the villages of Cansaulim, Arossim and Cuelim. These kids represent the three kids and ride on horseback through the village to converge at Nossa Senhora de Remedios. The feast thereafter, marks the end of the Christmas festivities in Goa.

How To Reach Three Kings Church

The haunted church is located in the Cansaulim village in South Goa, which is about 10 km from the Vasco da Gama town and 15 km away from the cultural capital of Goa, Margao.The hill on which the church is located is connected only through road. The church can be reached by hiring a private vehicle or a taxi. No bus service is available that will take you directly to the location. Even if you take a bus you have to walk a distance of about 2 km from Velsao to reach the destination.
Often described as a haunted place with a view, the Three Kings church stands out in its lush green setup on one side and the vast expanse of the gorgeous sea on the other which draws you visit this place at least once in your life.

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C Correa

on Three Kings Church 1 year ago
I'm from this village.. This chapel has been robbed multiple times at night by thieves u can check in the local police station.. This is proof tht it's not haunted

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