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Skydiving in Dubai, Dubai Overview

Skydiving in Dubai is an adrenaline-pumping adventure like no other. Adventurers can take the leap from an aircraft and freefall over the city or the stunning Palm Jumeirah, offering a bird's-eye view of some of the world's most iconic landmarks. Whether you're an experienced skydiver or a first-timer, Dubai's well-equipped skydiving centers ensure a safe and exhilarating plunge into the skies, making it one of the most unforgettable experiences for thrill-seekers visiting this cosmopolitan city.

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Skydiving Locations

Dubai is best known for its beaches and the extravagant infrastructure constructed at the heart of a desert. And Skydive Dubai makes sure the essence of Dubai isn't missed when the plane takes off. Which is why we have two locations aptly named: Desert Campus, and The Palm Zone. In the Desert Campus, you'd be taken to the very heart of the desert, something which is amiss from the main city. While you're in the sky, you can view the vast expanse of the magnificent reddish dunes. In fact, the SkyDive Dubai runs the biggest skydiving school in the world, in the desert at the outskirts of Dubai. The Skydive at The Palm Zone happens with your views including the spectacular seashores and the brilliant architecture. Most of the tourists go for this package because of the exotic location and beautiful views.

Skydiving in Dubai Booking

There is only one major organization that provides the skydiving experience and that is SkyDive Dubai. It was started by H.E Nasser El Neyadi, who is a diving enthusiast having started his journey with a helicopter. He is now working hard to provide the people of Dubai a safe environment to enjoy an activity close to his heart. Since its inception, Skydive Dubai has earned respect and reputation throughout the world for its efficiency, professionalism, and safety.

The official website for Skydive Dubai is quite adequate for providing all the information about the entire process of booking. The booking can be done online using a card and even cash at the spot (having booked your slot before-hand). However, they mostly only accept their national currency which is Dirhams.

Booking is perhaps the only hard thing about the entire Skydive experience! In order to get your favoured slot, you may have to try harder and start booking in advance. And by advance, we mean around one to three months in advance. This kind of waiting period is required to avoid any unforeseen circumstances, ensure aircraft availability, and to avoid over-booking during the peak times.

Skydiving in Dubai Price

The pricing starts for the Desert campus skydive from roughly AED 1700 which is approximately equivalent to INR 30,027. On the other hand, the Palm zone skydive starts from around AED 2200 which is roughly equal to INR 38900. There is a package where you can select both the campuses, however, the prices for this differ.

The above-mentioned pricing packages include providing a safe experience, and professionally edited photos and videos. There will be professional divers as well with cameras so every moment of your sensational trip can be re-lived again with your loved ones!

The palm zone is equipped with state of the art equipment. There is also a café where divers come in after the landing to relax and reflect on their session.

Height and Speed of the Fall

Most of the Tandem jumps are done from 13,000 feet (which is approximately 4000 meters). The Tandem skydive is the quickest way to experience the real thrill when you're descending at about 120 miles an hour. Being securely attached to the instructor, Tandem Skydive also happens to be the safest and easiest way to enjoy skydiving. The Tandem skydives at the desert campus, however, happen from around 12,500 feet which is around 3810 meters.

Time Required for Skydiving in Dubai

On the whole, the experience takes anywhere from around two to three hours. This includes the check-in, instructions, etc. Sometimes it may also take a bit longer if some issues pertaining to weather needs to be resolved.

Freefall only lasts for around a minute or so, and the descent with the help of the parachute lasts four to five minutes. The entire onboard experience just takes 20 minutes.

Waiting for the photos and the videos to be processed and edited however takes a tad bit longer. Taking anywhere from around 60 minutes to 90 minutes.


Skydiving is a spectacular adventure but in Dubai, the experience gets twice as enjoyable. The views of man-made islands hugging the Dubai shores, the expansive Persian Gulf, and the stretch of desert at the back. All of this from an insane height! While you descend the thrill never quite descends.

Indoor Skydiving?

Indoor skydiving is a simulator installed at iFly. It gives the feeling of an actual free fall in a vertical wind tunnel. Since the risks involved are much less and the height is also comparatively lesser, iFly appeals to many who want adventure but cannot handle a lot of adrenaline rush. But for those who do, outdoor skydiving is better suited.

Know Before You Go

  • Divers are expected to be above the age of 18 and must weigh less than 100 kg or less. BMI is also checked of the individual.
  • If the weather isn't considered safe (For example, if a sandstorm is approaching then) it is likely that the session will be called off and would re-scheduled.
  • One is expected to fill the liability waiver form.
  • The recommended time for the entire experience is around three hours although the dive is done in around 35-45 minutes.
  • First-time divers can enjoy the tandem session where they are harnessed to one of the instructors. When the divers complete 500 jumps, they can enrol in a professional course and pass out as professional instructors.
  • One can even purchase the Skydive experience as a gift for its premium location: The Palm Zone. This, however, needs to be purchased online. However, the rules and eligibility are still applicable.
  • People suffering from severe medical conditions are not allowed for safety reason.

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