How To Reach Doha

How to Reach Doha

Doha can be reached by direct flights to the Doha International Airport

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How to Reach Doha from India

Qatar airways, Jet airways go direct to Doha from Delhi; Air India Express, Qatar and jet airways fly directly to Doha from Mumbai.

How to reach Doha by flight

Travellers can take major international airlines to reach Doha, many flights operate to and from the Doha International Airport.

How to reach Doha by road

You can rent cars to drive in the city, but it is not recommended as drivers usually drive speeding their vehicle. Though taking a cab is the most safest option.

How to reach Doha by train

Doha is not yet developed as much, hence, no railways exists as of now.

How to reach Doha by bus

The concept of travelling by bus to Doha is not very common therefore, not much of information is available in this sector.

How to reach Doha by Waterways

Ships may enter at the Port of Doha from Saudi Arabia.

Local transport in Doha

There are many transport companies in Qatar which offers many land transport services in and around the country- taxis, Limousines, Bus services, Coach services. Standard Taxis, also known as –karwa” taxis are new cars with air conditioning, latest communication and navigation systems to offer the best to the customers. As like any other country, taxis in Qatar also allow upto four people by the law, they can be hailed on the streets, as well as taxi ranks at commercial and shopping centres, clubs and hotels. A minimum of QAR 10 is allotted for regular taxis. For luxurious experience Doha offers Standard Limousine and VIP Limousine. You can rent cars if you wish to drive, but beware of the rash drivers. Walking is not recommended in summer months.

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